Things to know about internet optimisation

Missing internet?

Would you like to move your office to the terrace, but your reception there is unreliable? The WiFi signal often doesn’t reach to the far corners of a flat. Common internet dead spots are the bedroom, the basement, the kitchen, and the garden terrace.


Causes of WiFi dead spots

Concrete walls, metal, and microwaves: there can be many causes of WiFi failure to reach all rooms or into the garden.The result is WiFi dead spots – places where there is only a weak connection to the network or none at all.

Improve WiFi range

In theory, relaxed surfing on the couch or streaming blockbuster films on you new Smart TV is very simple. In practice, however, WiFi often means not only wireless freedom, but also long loading times. A few simple tuning tips can take your WiFi to lightning speed at the blink of an eye.

devolo powerline adapter Magic 2 WiFi next application in the socket

Expand your Powerline system

If you already own devolo Powerline adapters, you can expand your existing system without a hassle. This is because the devolo add-on adapters are available for both the Magic and for the dLAN series, and of course you have options for LAN ports or a Wi-Fi function.

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Secure internet

Anyone who spends time online should observe a few basic rules to avoid pitfalls. This is especially true for children and teenagers, so adults should also take time to learn about online security.

Powerline optimisation

Powerline adapters are designed for optimal data transmission in your home. In rare cases, individual power sockets in the house may have low transfer rates. We explain how you can optimise transmission among adapters.

Woman in the office in the background. A devolo dLAN 1200 triple is connected to a wall socket. Three LAN cables are connected to the powerline adapter.

Installation and guidance

Want to understand your devolo product better, or need advice on a particular matter? Get help from our support team for any questions you have about service, warranty, functions, software, drivers, firmware, and product information.

Router compatibility

devolo gives you reliable compatibility at all times, since it supports all common routers.If you are already using devolo products and just want to expand your network, you can do that without any problem, too.


Questions & answers

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devolo Cockpit

Manage your dLAN home network using our cockpit tool.

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