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Private customers / 04.01.2022

The new devolo WiFi 5 Repeater 1200: The intelligent Wi-Fi booster

The new devolo WiFi 5 Repeater 1200: The intelligent Wi-Fi booster

Fast Wi-Fi provides us with a solid online connection when working from home and allows us to have more fun while streaming videos or gaming online in our free time. There are a lot of households, however, where the dream of wireless high-speed Internet isn't panning out. The reason: one router is often not enough to supply all terminal devices throughout an entire living space. devolo has the solution – powerful, simple and cost-effective.

devolo WiFi 5 Repeater 1200 as a Wi-Fi booster

The devolo WiFi 5 Repeater 1200 is perfect for small to medium-sized living spaces or for closing Wi-Fi gaps across one storey. The adapter in the traditional devolo design is simply plugged into a power socket and is ready for use in a flash. All you have to do is press the WPS buttons on the router and repeater and the Wi-Fi booster is ready to provide a gross data rate as high as 1,200 Mbps. From a tablet or laptop to gaming consoles or even a smart TV – there is finally a fast Internet connection available to any terminal device, whether it's part of your home office or home cinema set-up.

Strong features for strong Wi-Fi

When you use the devolo WiFi 5 Repeater 1200, your terminal devices benefit from a connection based on the state-of-the-art Wi-Fi 5 standard. This means improved Wi-Fi performance because Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) is part of the package, too. This technology controls data streams automatically and doesn't get overloaded, even when there are several terminal devices connected to the repeater at once.

Band steering provides additional support and uses the most suitable frequency band to steer the specific connections. As a dual-band repeater, the devolo WiFi 5 Repeater 1200 communicates over both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz to ensure the ability to provide the best possible result. And it does so with outstanding security: The up-to-date WPA3 and WPA2 security standards ensure state-of-the-art encryption that protects personal data from unauthorised access.

The flexible solution

Despite cutting-edge technology, the devolo WiFi 5 Repeater 1200 is child's play to install and exceptionally versatile. It works with all routers, terminal devices and even other repeaters and is ready to be used wherever a power socket is available. As a result, it delivers powerful Wi-Fi to the exact spot where it is needed – even into the garden, as long as sufficient weather protection is used. And the repeater even features an ethernet port to accommodate devices that only have a cable connection option. This makes it the perfect device for providing support in places such as the entertainment corner. In addition, the practical four-stage signal indicator allows you to check the connection quality at any time, which makes it easier to find the idea installation spot.

Added bonus: If structured network cabling is present, the repeater can also be used solely as an access point. Simply plug the repeater into an available power socket, use an Ethernet cable to connect it to the network jack and enjoy fast Wi-Fi at last!

Top-notch Wi-Fi, top-notch service

This functionality makes the devolo WiFi 5 Repeater 1200 the perfect Wi-Fi booster for small to medium-sized living spaces or individual areas where your wireless Internet isn't quite getting the job done. The free Home Network app for Android and iOS mobile devices guides users through the simple set-up process and allows them to adjust all important settings at any time. As with all other products from the Aachen-based networking experts at devolo, regular updates are sure to be provided. The three-year manufacturer's warranty rounds out the strong service pledge.

Price and availability

The devolo WiFi 5 Repeater 1200 will be available for £49.99 and available in stores and online at Amazon. devolo provides a three-year warranty.