With the WiFi Repeater Internet and WiFi everywhere at home

The devolo WiFi Repeater provides efficient emergency relief when your WiFi signal is weak. It extends your limited router signal in no time and will not leave you in the lurch in future, even in your favourite corner.


With the wifi booster you can surf at home at up to 1200 Mbps with cross-room Mesh WiFi. The two LAN ports and integrated power socket of the devolo WiFi extender also offers flexible connection options.


No more worries about dead spots – the devolo plug-and-play solution brings WiFi just where you need it.

A product picture of the WiFi ac Repeater+ with a red flag "devolo cures weak WiFi"

Surf rooms away from your router with Mesh WiFi

You can now stream and surf wherever you want – extremely fast and without disconnections. Together with the router, the WiFi Repeater forms a coherent Mesh WiFi network – with a shared password and shared WiFi settings. Quick plug and play lets you get started right away and finally enjoy a stable connection of up to 1200 Mbps, rooms away from your router.


devolo products adhere to the current encryption standards (WPA2/WPA3), ensuring that your data are protected (banking standard).


Supplies your terminal devices in a targeted manner with the best WiFi


The devolo wifi booster is harmonised with your terminal devices: The WiFi signal is sent to smartphone, laptop, etc. in a targeted manner (beamforming). The available frequencies, 2.4 and 5 GHz, can be used flexibly (crossband repeating). Multi-user MIMO technology ensures that you are using the best possible WiFi capacity when you are online with multiple devices.

Use all the advantages of devolo’s product range for cross-room Mesh WiFi!

The devolo WiFi Repeater is compatible with all WiFi routers, access points, and WiFi-capable devices.


Problem-free surfing from your favourite spot: The devolo wifi extender with its optimum aerial orientation transmits the WiFi signal to your smartphone, laptop, and tablet in a targeted manner – even when you have multiple devices online at the same time!


Intuitive operation with the Home Network App: The devolo Home Network App takes you through installation of the WiFi Repeater, step by step. Just plug the wifi booster into a power socket near the router and the start the user-friendly app. You can find it in the App Store and on Google Play.

Access Point

The wifi booster functions as an access point: To use the smart WiFi Repeater as its own WiFi access point, just connect it to the router with a LAN cable and select Access point mode in the Home Network App.

This is how quickly the devolo WiFi Repeater ac is to set up

The wifi booster is quick to install. Once it is plugged in, you can connect the router by pressing the WPS button. All previous router settings are transferred. You can use the Home Network App to easily adjust individual settings or to display speed and connected terminal devices.


Two LAN ports and the integrated electrical socket make connecting cable-based terminal devices especially easy for you.


Our tip: the devolo wifi extender is ideal for expanding your Powerline network. Connect all your devolo devices simply, at the touch of a button, to create a seamless Mesh network!

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Multi-user MIMO technology

You usually use multiple terminal devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.) in your WiFi network. This is a challenge for the network – it has to regulate the distribution of data streams from the WiFi access point (router, devolo adapter, etc.) to the terminal devices.


You devolo adapter uses multi-user MIMO technology to supply your smartphone, tablet, etc. with data streams at the same time – ensuring optimum speed and an efficient transmission rate.

Beamforming and crossband repeating function

The wifi booster’s aerials are oriented optimally to your terminal devices. The WiFi signal is thus sent in a very targeted manner to your terminal devices.


The crossband repeating function ensures optimum bandwidth use and faster data transmission on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. These available frequencies are used flexibly.

Practical Mesh WiFi booster or an access point

The devolo WiFi Repeater has two features that win over users: It can be used as a practical range wifi extender with Mesh WiFi or as an access point that sets up its own WiFi network.


To use the smart WiFi Repeater as its own WiFi access point, just connect it to the router with a LAN cable and select Access point mode in the Home Network App.

Overview of advantages

  • Better wireless LAN ac-reception in any room – up to 1200 Mbps with the WiFi Repeater.
  • Quick data transmission: Crossband repeating optimises use of frequency bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz).
  • Beamforming sends the WiFi signal of the wifi booster to your connected terminal devices in a targeted manner.
  • Uninterrupted surfing with Mesh: Repeater and router form a common network.
  • The integrated power socket means that you do not even have to sacrifice a power connection.
  • Two LAN ports connect all stationary devices to the internet more reliably.
  • The app makes installation extremely easy.
  • The WiFi Repeater is compatible with all routers.
  • Three-year warranty.