Multi-User MIMO – brief definition


Multi-User MIMO (Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output) supplies multiple devices in the network with data streams in parallel. Various end devices benefit from maximum Wi-Fi capacity simultaneously – and the home network from greatly increased efficiency.

Usually, several end devices, e.g., smartphone, tablet and laptop, are used within a single Wi-Fi network. This can be a challenge for your home network – it must regulate the distribution of data streams from the Wi-Fi access point (e.g., devolo adapter) to the end devices. With Multi-User MIMO this is not a problem.




What is Multi-User MIMO?


Multi-User MIMO (Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output) enables parallel use of the Wi-Fi. Here, the access point can communicate with connected devices via multiple streams instead of only one at a time as with Single-User MIMO. This way, the end devices are supplied with maximum Wi-Fi capacity in parallel.


Long waiting times during online gaming, sporadic dropouts during HD streams or low download speeds are finally a thing of the past.




Top devolo products with MU-MIMO