devolo Mesh WiFi system

The tri-band combination of WiFi ac with Powerline technology enables the best and most stable distribution of Internet throughout the home. All devolo units form a large, cohesive mesh network with Gigabit Wi-Fi at maximum speeds.

devolo Magic adapter Powerline with WiFi

Powerline technology is the best WiFi solution: The Internet is transmitted to any room through ceilings and walls over the electrical wiring. Any power socket is turned into a high-performance WiFi access point with the following adapters powerline.

devolo Magic adapter Powerline with LAN

Surf and stream with your connected devices at high speed in any room in your home – Powerline technology does the trick. One power socket adapter is plenty for going online with the entire multi-media centre in your living room, for example. Signal disruption? – There are scarcely any in a Powerline network.

devolo Magic DINrail

The Magic 2 LAN DINrail adapter Powerline optimises your data transmission right at the control cabinet or fuse box, greatly enhancing the performance of your Powerline network. It enables you to increase the transmission speeds at any power socket in your home.  

dLAN® adapter Powerline with WiFi

Expand your existing dLAN network with Powerline technology and surf everywhere at home wirelessly and simultaneously. Additional LAN ports are available for your end devices.

dLAN® adapter Powerline without WiFi

The Powerline technology makes your home network even easier and more multimedia-based. Directly connect network-compatible devices using integrated Ethernet ports and enjoy high-speed Internet throughout the home.

Only WiFi

Our WiFi Repeater brings the full power of your internet connection to right where you need it, carrying and extending your router’s signal for an unmatched entertainment experience anywhere in your home.