At devolo, we drive technical innovation forward every day. Protecting our environment must not be neglected in the process. With the packaging of our products and our company location in Aachen, we therefore focus on sustainability - and thus make our contribution to a shared, green future.


"We continuously implement measures in very different areas that enable us to conserve resources and optimise the consumption of materials. For us, this means consistently thinking and acting sustainably on a day-to-day basis."  

Heiko Harbers, CEO

Gerrit Harbers, COO and Heiko Harbers, Founder and CEO
Die umweltfreundliche Brownbox von devolo.

100% recycled: our environmentally friendly packaging

We use new packaging for many products in our online shop and on digital marketplaces. An additional shipping box is no longer necessary. This is how we reduce packaging waste. 


The new packaging is made of 100% recycled paper and can be 100% recycled. We have also significantly reduced the use of materials in all product packaging.

100% recycled paper: our environmentally-friendly inserts

As part of our sustainability strategy, we are gradually switching all printing materials in our packaging to 100% recycled paper. In addition, only mineral oil-free inks are used for new printing.

Website hosting with 100% renewable energies

Running websites consumes electricity. With our hosting partner, we ensure that devolo websites are operated on servers in Germany that are powered by 100% renewable energy.

Our headquarters: DGNB certificate in gold

The devolo headquarters in Aachen, built in 2017, has received DGNB certification in gold. The certification system of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) makes sustainable building practically applicable, measurable and comparable. It evaluates the overall performance of a building based on a total of 37 criteria from six areas. More details on the DGNB website.

Harnessing the power of the sun: our PV system

On the roof of our headquarters in Aachen we operate a PV system with an output of 60 KW. At peak times in summer, it covers up to 50 per cent of our needs there; we buy the remaining energy we need as green electricity. Through our PV system, we have been able to save over 224 tonnes of CO2 so far (as of Nov. 2022).

Our partners: thinking ahead together

Together with our partner Proximus, we have optimised our packaging:The installation instructions are now printed directly on the inside, and the carton has been reduced in size.  This way we gain 33 % space on the transport pallet and can pack almost twice as many adapters in the freight cartons, depending on the product. This reduces transport costs and helps to save CO2 emissions.

devolo in research

We are driving climate protection and connectivity forward in numerous research projects.


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