devolo adapters bring photovoltaic systems into the grid

Photovoltaic systems are making a significant contribution to the energy revolution and are becoming increasingly popular. Inverters require an Internet connection for system monitoring. Storage systems, heat pumps and wall boxes for electric vehicles are also connected to the Internet – for monitoring in a customer app or for needs-based control.


Photovoltaic and energy management systems can be integrated into the household network quickly and easily with the Powerline adapters from devolo. It doesn't matter whether the components are in the attic, in the basement or in the garage. The nearest power socket for a high-speed Internet access point is never far away.

An application example of a photovoltaic system cooperating with devolo adapters securing stable Wifi all over the house

Networking solutions for photovoltaic systems and energy management systems

Connecting the inverter to the Internet

Top-notch networking over the electrical wiring thanks to devolo Powerline technology.

The inverter can be connected to a power socket adapter through its Ethernet port with an Ethernet cable. Thanks to devolo Wi-Fi adapters, Wi-Fi-capable inverters find a strong network connection.


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An application example showing the intallation of the inverter of a photovoltaic system cooperating with devolo adapters

Networking the energy management system

Storages systems and wall boxes can also be quickly and easily integrated into the customer's home network.
Exceptionally smart: Multiple Wi-Fi adapters automatically form a gapless mesh network.


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An application example of a photovoltaic system cooperating with multiple devolo WiFi adapters securing stable Wifi all over the house

Professional home networking by the solar installer

Solar companies can also offer the customer professional home networking. With the devolo Magic 2 DINrail on the top-hat rail of the distribution box, the router's Internet signal is distributed throughout the home over all 3 phases. For even faster Internet and even greater distances in the household mains supply.


To the devolo Magic 2 LAN DINrail

An application example showing the intallation of the solar instaler for professional home networking connected to a photovoltaic system cooperating with devolo LAN und WLAN adapters

Benefits for you and your customers



  • High-speed Internet at any power socket
  • Home network that the customer can expand on their own
  • Subsequent purchases in retail stores and online
  • Mesh Wi-Fi throughout the home and Gigabit Ethernet connections at any adapter
  • Well-known name-brand product from Germany
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty

Solar installer


  • Plug & Play: No cable routing at the customer's location
  • Stable connection: Even in the basement and in the garage
  • High-quality name-brand product from Germany
  • Exclusive product for qualified electricians: devolo Magic 2 LAN DINrail for professional home networking

Solar companies & municipal utilities


  • The right communication solution for any system
  • A diversified product portfolio for your photovoltaic solution
  • Attractive conditions
  • Comprehensive direct support from devolo
  • Optionally available: Online shop solution, installation and exchange service
  • Quality and technology leader in Europe

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