Mesh Wi-Fi - brief definition


Multiple Wi-Fi access points (e.g., powerline Wi-Fi adapters and repeaters) form a large, shared network that always automatically provides users with the strongest signal. Combined with efficient features, the result is an intelligent mesh Wi-Fi home network.

The term Mesh encompasses various features. One of the most important ones is Access Point Steering. This function ensures that all Wi-Fi devices are always automatically connected to the strongest signal – even and especially when they change position.


In addition, the other Mesh functions ensure a reasonable allocation of all network participants to the different frequency bands, so that every end device is optimally connected to the Wi-Fi.

devolo Mesh Wi-Fi - different technologies and advantages


  • One large Wi-Fi network!
    No matter how many devolo Wi-Fi adapters are used, the matching of Wi-Fi names (SSID) and passwords creates a single Wi-Fi network throughout the home. The router can be integrated into this network at the touch of a button (manufacturer-independent).
  • Access Point Steering: For the best connection!
    Access Point Steering connects devices to the strongest Wi-Fi access point – automatically and without interruption. Switching mobile devices in the Wi-Fi network is thus initiated by the access point and much more efficient than with Client Steering.
  • Fast Roaming: For the strongest signal.
    In home networks with multiple access points, Fast Roaming ensures rapid, smooth switching of Wi-Fi clients from one access point to the next. This means that users always benefit of the strongest Wi-Fi signal – without annoying interruptions during the signal change.
  • Band Steering:  More power through sorting!
    Band Steering monitors and organizes band allocation in congested network environments by distributing network devices to the available frequency bands, thus providing more Wi-Fi performance.  
  • Airtime Fairness: Fast Lane for your Wi-Fi device!
    In Wi-Fi networks with many end devices, they all compete for the available transmission time. Airtime Fairness ensures that fast devices then have the right of way and are not thwarted by slow Wi-Fi devices.


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