What is Mesh Wi-Fi? – Advantages of Mesh technology

An ordinary Wi-Fi network is based on a router that distributes the Internet signal within your living area. The Wi-Fi coverage quickly reaches its limits and is weakened or even interrupted bywalls, ceilings, and other interfering factors. The result: websites that take forever to load, slow video conferences in the home office and interruptions whilst streaming and gaming.

Mesh Icon

Not so with Mesh technology: a Mesh system consists of several Wi-Fi access points that together form a large, seamless home network. Here, your end devices are always automatically connected to the strongest signal. So, you enjoy powerful, seamless Internet throughout your home – and you can always expand network coverage by adding more access points.

devolo Magic 2 WiFi 6 adapter in circles and mesh sign


Your advantages at a glance:


  • Strong Wi-Fi anywhere in the house and flat
  • Constant transmission rates with high speed
  • For seamless video calls, series, latency-free gaming and more
  • Ready to use in 10 minutes – thanks to simple installation and configuration
  • Flexibly expandable at any time


Give it a try – with devolo Mesh

Best Wi-Fi anywhere throughout the house

Living room

For relaxing music, exuberant streaming evenings, adventurous gaming sessions and numerous everyday activities.


For the second TV or evening streaming adventures on smartphone and tablet.

Home office

For seamless video conferencing and uninterrupted productivity – in the study or simply throughout the home.

Hobby & sports room

For sufficient space and the best Wi-Fi. Whether in the attic or the basement; on the smart spinning bike or in the virtual reality construct.


For relaxing music and series entertainment in the bathtub and mobile gaming sessions when it takes some time.


For music and instructive tutorial videos while cooking. Here, the virtual chef is always by your side.

Garden and balcony

For the smart robotic mower, music in the garden shed and digital assistance in raising and caring for your plants.


For smooth tutorial videos and the best music accompaniment – make every move and every screw fit.

Which end devices benefit from Mesh?

In principle, a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection is of course beneficial to all Internet-capable end devices in your home. However, some devices especially benefit from the use of a Mesh network.

A smartphone and a tablet lie on the kitchen table. Next to them, you can see a devolo Powerline Adapter Magic 2 WiFi mini plugged into a socket on the wall.

Smartphones and other mobile devices


Smartphone, tablet and co. always look for the nearest topical access point. In this way, you enjoy constantly fast Internet – even if you are roaming around your living space.

A person holds a white Nintendo DSi in his hands

Consoles with mobile and streaming function


Gaming whenever and wherever you want: With the Nintendo Switch, you can cheerfully change rooms without ever losing your connection. Or: Why not use PlayStation Remote Play to move the next online battle to the toilet? Mesh makes it possible!

Smart lawnmower in the garden. In the background a woman is lying on a lounger reading something.

Lawn mowers and other smart garden tools


From intelligent robotic mowers to smart light decorations, from the music system in the garden house to the barbecue with Wi-Fi connection: Today, numerous garden aids and smart home devices benefit from strong, stable Wi-Fi.

A smart speaker on the balcony

Smart home devices and voice assistants


The home of the future is smart. More and more end devices throughout the home are based on a stable Internet connection. Thanks to Mesh Wi-Fi, Alexa, Siri and co. are always available to you – no matter where you are.

Living room scenario. You can see a devolo powerline adapter next to the television in a wall socket.

Smart TV and other home entertainment products


Do you want to use Smart TVs, game consoles and other end devices even in remote rooms? Mesh ensures smooth and seamless entertainment.

A loudspeaker stands on a small white table in the living room

Multiroom speakers, DAB radios and co.


With Mesh, Internet-enabled audio devices such as DAB radios and multi-room speakers also enjoy stable data transmission, from the cellar to the attic and even in the garden shed. The only thing standing in the way of constant music enjoyment may be the neighbours.

How to set-up your Mesh network

Preliminary considerations

In the first step, you should consider how many Wi-Fi access points you want to include in your Mesh network. This depends on various factors:

  • How large is your living area? There is an ideal solution for every living situation and size of living space.
  • Do you also want to supply the basement and attic with Internet – for example, to set up a hobby room according to your wishes?
  • What potential interference factors are in your home? These include ceilings and walls, but also microwaves, floor heating and large pieces of furniture.


Once you have found the ideal devolo Starter Kit for your home, you can set up your Mesh. It’s as simple as that:

  • Download the devolo Home Network app and follow the installation wizard step by step.
  • Connect the first adapter to your router.
  • Attach additional adapters in rooms where you need a stable Wi-Fi.

It’s a wrap – from now on you can enjoy seamless, fast Wi-Fi throughout your entire home.


Mesh functions

Thanks to the integrated "Config Sync" function, the Wi-Fi configuration data of your router is simply transferred to all Wi-Fi access points (Single SSID).


This allows you to move seamlessly between the different access points and so your mobile device does not have to dial in again and again.


Depending on the model, the following advanced mesh features keep you optimally connected:


  • Access Point Steering
  • Fast Roaming
  • Airtime Fairness
  • Band Steering

devolo Mesh – diverse solutions, one ecosystem

The best of two worlds


Starting off, many users are faced with the question: Mesh or Powerline? We ask you the opposite question: Why not just both? All Wi-Fi adapters in the Magic series from devolo are equipped with clever Mesh functions.


This means: The proven powerline technology serves as the backbone of an intelligent Mesh network that transports your router Wi-Fi throughout the entire home. If you only want to supply a small living room with Wi-Fi, you can also use the repeater solution with Mesh technology.

Flexibly expandable


Whether you start with a repeater, powerline or special Mesh product with an extended functionality is entirely up to you. As being part of the large devolo ecosystem, most of our devices harmonise with each other without any problems and can therefore also be flexibly expanded later on.


This has concrete advantages for you: you don't have to make a final decision on how to design the future of your home network. You can set up your Mesh network as you need it today. And later – after a move, for example – you can simply expand it with additional devices.

From the repeater for the small student flat-share ...

... to the powerline system for the family household.

devolo products accompany you on your way.

devolo WiFi ac Repeater + and Wi-Fi sign

devolo WiFi ac Repeater+

  • Amplification of the Wi-Fi signal for adjacent rooms
  • For small to medium-sized living spaces (one floor)
  • For a few parallel users
  • Surfing at up to 1200 Mbps
  • LAN ports for Ethernet connection
  • Expandable with further repeaters at any time


Application example (or use case): Smaller flat with few participants and end devices in limited space



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devolo powerline adapter Magic 2 WiFi 6 in circles and Wi-Fi sign

devolo Magic 2 WiFi 6

  • Powerline solution for expanding the Wi-Fi
  • Suitable for several floors and rooms
  • Wi-Fi speeds of up to 1800 Mbps
  • Efficient, parallel use of data-hungry applications (e.g., 4K streaming)
  • Gigabit LAN ports for Ethernet connection




Application example (or use case): Family with several participants and end devices throughout the house or flat



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