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Smart Home with devolo Home Control

The first DIY smart home: It couldn't be easier to enjoy greater comfort, security, and energy savings. With devolo Home Control, your home automation could simply not be easier.

Home Control - Build your own Smart Home

Operate the devolo Home Control easily from anywhere using an app or web browser

devolo Home Control ensures you have full control over your home. Make your living spaces even more secure, convenient and energy-efficient with the first DIY smart home. devolo home automation makes intelligent living easier than ever: Just unpack and get started − you can enjoy the comfort in your new smart home.

devolo smart home automation

devolo home automation lets you simplify everyday household life in a hassle-free way. You can easily and intuitively control heating, lighting and electrical devices the same way you control home security and energy consumption. You have control over anything at all times in your living spaces at the touch of a button, via timer or with the app.

Your smart home for control and convenience

You can easily design your smart home according to your individual needs without any previous knowledge. The home automation functions on the building block principle: Select the devices you would like to use in your living spaces from the available devolo Home Control devices. The heart of your smart home is the devolo Home Control Central Unit, which you can simply plug into any electrical socket. Subsequently program all devices used via the Central Unit. These are just some of the possibilities offered to you for your own intelligent home:

Switch off lighting, heating and electrical devices via the Wall Switch from your favourite spot

Automatic heating control via timer or Room Thermostat

Maximum control with Smoke Detector, Motion Sensor and Door Contact

Automatically switch on lights when entering the home

Automatically switch on lights and appliances via Key-Fob Switch from a distance of 100 m

Switch on all devices on the go via your smartphone, tablet or computer

Gain insight in the current energy consumption via app

The smart home components of our devolo Home Control Series are programmed once, all operations run automatically: The lighting switches on at a desired time on its own, the heating automatically reacts to the room temperature, and your Motion Sensor notifies you of any unusual movement via e-mail or text. You decide whether to operate the devices via app, timer or simply via the switch from your favourite spot.

Home Control: The way home automation works

The devolo Home Control Central Unit is the centrepiece of your smart home. The discreet electrical socket adapter unobtrusively controls all operations in the background like a conductor. The Central Unit saves all settings you have entered manually or via the app via Z-Wave® wireless technology. Subsequently, the device sends the settings and instructions to all smart home components that have been installed.

You can connect the Central Unit to your Internet router using the provided network cable and have access anywhere to your home automation system via app. Control all settings, switch on individual devices or call up data, such as the current energy consumption of an individual device using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Alternatively, the Central Unit can also be integrated into your existing Powerline home network.


Simple installation without previous knowledge

Install your devolo Home Control components in a matter of minutes without previous knowledge. Most devices are compact electrical socket adapters that you can connect using an electrical socket. Intuitively take control of the operation according to your needs via the Central Unit or the devolo app.

All that is required for your personal smart home is the devolo Home Control Central Unit and the components of your choice. All components can be combined and extended with one another at any time. Receive the most important components, ready for use, in the devolo Home Control Starter Pack for a quick start.

devolo Home Control Online-Portal

With the help of the ‘my devolo Online-Portal’ and the ‘my devolo App’ you will always be in charge of your intelligent home.


Test the online portal here

The simple way to control your Smart Home

You can control your devolo Home Control devices quite comfortably through the convenient and user-friendly software, which you can access in the form of the free devolo Home Control app via your smartphone or web browser.

Home Control App


Personal Support

The devolo experts are glad to answer your questions by phone at +44 (0)33 333 60582

Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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