“Secure internet”: Secure internet access with devolo Powerline adapters

Anyone who spends time online should observe a few basic rules to avoid pitfalls and ensure that their visits are positive experiences. This is especially true for children and teenagers, who need to be instructed about the capabilities and dangers of the medium. But adults should also take time to learn more about online security. When sensitive data are in play, such as during online shopping, special care is needed. devolo Magic adapters ensure secure access.

“Secure internet” for children and teenagers

The devolo Powerline adapters offer 128-bit encryption that can be enabled at the push of a button.The WiFi network is also effectively shielded by means of a WPA2 encryption.

The devolo WiFi adapters are equipped with intuitive, free-of-charge software that allows parents to assign different access privileges to different users.


This allows internet access for children to be restricted to certain hours or a certain block of time

Our tips for secure use of the internet

Tip 1: Keep your web browser updated


Many common web browser update automatically. In some cases, however, you have to enable the function manually first. 

Tip 2: Use an anti-virus program


It is recommended that you consult expert tests and comparisons among individual programs for your decision. 

Tip 3: Manual downloads


Be careful and never click links or attachments you do not trust. 

Tip 4: Delete your browser history regularly


An important item for avoiding data theft is the regular deletion of your web browser history including stored passwords and entries.

Tip 5: Be careful


Avoid dodgy prize draws and other shady websites.In general, the more care you exercise, the better.

Tip 6: Comprehensive protection with Powerline adapters


Proven adapters are also critical for secure internet access.

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