Use dLAN to effectively remove dead spots

Quickly looking up a recipe for pumpkin soup, checking out a YouTube tutorial when the heating is giving you problems, relaxing with web radio in the background, or using a media library to check out the new episode of your favourite series before you go to sleep: You can do it all – if your WiFi connection is reliable. 


The WiFi signal often doesn’t reach to the far corners of a flat or house – the bedroom, the basement, the kitchen, and the terrace. You often encounter areas in your home where there is simply no connection to the network, or the transmission speed is so low that you suffer constant service interruptions. 

1. The bedroom

Would you like to listen to your new audiobook or watch your favourite series before you go to sleep, but smooth streaming is something you have only dreamed of so far? It’s a problem you share with many others. This is because bedrooms tend to be on a different storey than the router or at least so far from it that the WiFi signal isn’t strong enough. 

2. Balcony and garden

A garden requires a great deal of care. And for that, you need all the advice you can get. One helpful source is internet guidebooks and apps that facilitate individualised garden design. But the WiFi signal is often too weak, especially on large properties, to cover the entire garden. But it would be so nice to relax on a deckchair and list to a good podcast or audiobook.

3. Kitchen

The kitchen is a place where reception tends to be especially spotty. This is because of microwaves and other electrical devices that disrupt the sensitive wireless waves WiFi uses to function. Delays in video playback are therefore fairly frequent. This is unfortunate, since there is so much inspiration for food and cooking on the internet.

4. Basement and attic

Like gardens and terraces, basements and attics are among the remote parts of houses that aren’t optimally provided with internet because of their distance from the router. But it is just these parts of the house that are well-suited to pursuing a hobby such as painting, arts and crafts, or object restoration without interruption. YouTube tutorials make hobbies and handicrafts easier to understand than ever before.

Causes of WiFi dead spots

Concrete walls, metal, and furniture can all be the cause of WiFi failure to reach all rooms, into the garden, or onto the balcony or terrace.


Microwaves and baby monitors disrupt the signal, as does the neighbours’ WiFi or poorly shielded cables from external hard drives. The result is WiFi dead spots – places where there is only a weak connection to the network or none at all.


Bluetooth can impair the WiFi signal, since it uses the same wireless frequency (2.4 GHz).


As a general rule,The more open your home’s architecture is, the better the reception of the WiFi signal emitted by your router.


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Overview of the Powerline adapter benefits

devolo Magic gets you around the barriers listed above. This is because Powerline is not based on a wireless signal, but uses the power line within a building: Using adapter in power sockets, you can set up a stable home network in a few steps. In the basement or garden, in the garage or the attic, you can network your devices anywhere you need them.

  • Available with or without WiFi
  • Most adapters have an integrated electrical socket
  • Equipped with up to three LAN connections
  • Three-year manufacturer warranty

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