dLAN – Brief Explanation


dLAN is a former product line from devolo that uses Powerline technology to transmit data through electrical wiring. Because of its pioneering role, the term dLAN is often used interchangeably with Powerline technology (or PowerLAN), but it has now been replaced by the faster Magic series.

This is the latest generation of Powerline.


With devolo Magic, you can bring the fastest Powerline technology right into your home. Enjoy the best Wi-Fi without compromises.


  • Fast Wi-Fi 6
  • Smart Mesh Wi-Fi
  • High data rates
  • Extended range
  • Automatic pairing


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What is dLAN?


dLAN (direct Local Area Network) utilizes Powerline technology to expand a home network through the existing electrical wiring in the house. This allows for a network connection to be established anywhere there are power outlets, without the need for complex and often expensive LAN cabling. Depending on the model, dLAN adapters may include Wi-Fi access points and Ethernet ports for optimal connectivity of all devices.

How does dLAN work?


To transmit data over the electrical network, a dLAN adapter is directly connected to the router and plugged into a power outlet. Another dLAN adapter is placed in a different power outlet and connected to an end device like a computer, television, or gaming console via LAN or Wi-Fi. This allows the internet signal from the router to reach every room, even over longer distances.

What differentiates dLAN and Magic?


Fundamentally, both dLAN and Magic are based on the same technology – Powerline (PLC). The differences lie in the underlying Powerline standard, and for you as a user, in terms of speed, range, efficiency, and overall user-friendliness.


dLAN is based on the outdated HomePlug AV standard, which, while still reliable, has reached its limits. Magic products operate on the modern G.hn standard (Wave 2), which offers significantly higher transmission rates, greater range, and enhanced mesh capabilities.

Compatibility of devolo dLAN with devolo Magic


Are you using dLAN with Wi-Fi or LAN and want to expand your network later on? Unfortunately, due to the different built-in Powerline standards, dLAN and Magic are not compatible with each other, meaning they cannot be combined. While it's theoretically possible to run dLAN and Magic in parallel, it's not recommended because both technologies won't perform optimally this way.


If you want to make the most of your home network, you should consider whether switching to devolo Magic is a suitable option for you. To make the transition easier for you, we are happy to provide some guidance.

dLAN Products and Ideal Magic Alternatives

dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac

Alternative: Magic 2 WiFi 6


  • Wi-Fi Access Point with 1,800 Mbps
  • Powerful multitasking with Wi-Fi 6
  • 2 Gigabit LAN ports


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dLAN 1200+

Alternative: Magic 2 LAN


  • Gigabit LAN port with 2,400 Mbps
  • High-speed internet throughout the house
  • Ideal for streaming, gaming, and home office use


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dLAN 550 duo+

Alternative: Magic 1 LAN


  • Gigabit LAN port with 1,200 Mbps
  • Ideal for streaming, gaming, and home office use
  • Easy setup


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Ein Magic DINrail.

dLAN pro 1200 DINrail

Alternative: Magic 2 LAN DINrail


  • Optimized Powerline performance
  • Gigabit LAN port for router connectivity
  • Ideal for Smart Home and more


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