Client Steering – brief definition


In the case of several overlapping Wi-Fi networks, the Wi-Fi end device (client) automatically switches to the stronger network as necessary. The decision to switch networks is made by the Wi-Fi device as soon as a defined threshold value is undershot.

If several Wi-Fi access points are spread across the entire living space, the best Wi-Fi connection is not always guaranteed, depending on the device location. For example, a smartphone may still be connected to the router network, even though it could have long since switched to the repeater that may be closer. This is where Client Steering comes into play.

What is Client Steering?


The Client Steering feature enables the Wi-Fi end device to automatically switch to the stronger network if required. This happens as soon as the client's data flow falls below a defined threshold.


Unlike Access Point Steering, Client Steering does not involve intelligent overall coordination of all end devices within the home network.


Im Hintergrund ein Mann steht neben einem Tisch mit einem Smartphone in der Hand. Man sieht ein Router auf dem Tisch.