Enjoy all the internet has to offer – from anywhere in the house!

If you want to enhance your internet signal without a great deal of effort, you are in good hands with devolo. This is because devolo Magic adapters are suitable for all living areas and carry the router signal to even remote spaces in which there has been little to no reception so far. 

No matter how you organize your free time or your work environment, you can enjoy the best internet reception at any time for any use your home may require.That means your bedroom, kitchen, garden, and garage too, of course!

Full power for smartphones and tablets

Sunday afternoon: It’s the same whether you are in the kitchen using your tablet to watch a YouTube tutorial on how to make Hollandaise sauce or in the garage getting tips from your smartphone for fixing your bike tyre. Out-of-the-way spaces and long distances from the router are no longer a problem.


If the WiFi range is limited and WiFi is not available in every room, the monthly roaming volume gets used up quickly. devolo Magic adapters stop this trouble. You are no longer dependent on the range of your router. The network adapters let you enjoy the best WiFi connection even on your smartphone and tablet.

Enjoy films and music at the highest quality with Powerline

It’s Tuesday evening, and you are late getting away from work again. It's prime time, and you are ready for a comfortable evening in front of the television.


Streaming services have made films and series as freely available as music albums and audiobooks. But in spaces that the router signal scarcely reaches, uninterrupted video or music streaming is impossible. Even your favourite song becomes unbearable.


The devolo Magic adapters, with their long range (up to 500 metres) provide completely new streaming capability.


Starting right now, you can

  • watch football in your garden when the weather is nice
  • listen to your favourite band’s music while you get ready for the day
  • listen to a new audiobook or podcast on your balcony
  • find handyman tutorials in your basement workshop
  • Follow yoga and fitness programmes on your smart TV.

Maximum enjoyment with online gaming

Thursday afternoon: The last long-winded lecture at university is almost over. You rush home, and your smart TV and game console are ready to go, and your friends are already on their way over. Nothing ruins your evening like long loading times, frequent disconnects, and high latency.


Long distances to the router or sources of interference such as the neighbour’s WiFi connection transform your anticipation into a strain on your nerves. This is where devolo Magic adapters can help. No more surprise disconnections or low transmission quality. The integrated LAN port can be used to connect the game console directly with the internet power socket without the necessity for complicated wiring. Powerline duo adapters even offer two LAN connections in a single network – perfect for a console and a smart TV.

Use network printers, scanners, and hard drives anywhere in your living space

Work from home on a Friday:  More and more employees are taking advantages of the opportunities that many companies are providing.Most households have only one printer or scanner, but luckily many devices can be networked. 


The devolo Magic adapters give you uninterrupted connections to your printer and scanner, no matter where you are in your house or garden.


You can choose yourself whether your network-capable devices are connected wirelessly or connected with a LAN cable to the nearest internet wall socket. You can print wirelessly from a tablet or save documents to an external hard drive.


devolo Powerline adapters are each equipped with up to three Gigabit LAN ports. This allows you to connect multiple devices as needed with a single network adapter, such as

  • Scanner
  • Printer 
  • PC in a home office. 

Cleverly networked – upload and share cloud data from anywhere

Saturday morning: Right after returning from holiday, you want to share your impressions with your loved ones. The snapshots are waiting in the cloud to be presented. Just connect the smart TV, and the show can begin. Or can it?


Long loading processes can make even the most scintillating holiday anecdotes seem long-winded. Practical on-line storage quickly loses its attraction in such situations. A stable Powerline connection gives you constant access to your stored media, and you can call up even large files without delays. A reliable WiFi connection that is independent of the location of your router allows you to share holiday snapshots and other media in an uncomplicated manner with your family and friends.

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