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Stream like a world champion

Almost as good as watching live! Garden, hobby room or balcony: With WiFi-enabled devices, you won‘t miss a single minute of the World Cup!

Enjoy the World Cup, live-streamed with dLAN

Are you ready for the athletic highlight of the year? Russia has already prepared for the World Cup. And until June, when the long-awaited whistle sounds, we still have time for preparations.

Maybe you bought a new Smart TV especially for the World Cup? Or have you already thought of turning your house wall into the biggest screen of the neighbourhood using WiFi, beamer and laptop?

As soon as it comes to home networks, or how you get the Internet to your laptop in the garden, we are there for you, because: The transfer rate of your network plays a crucial role for smooth and interference-free football enjoyment.


Public viewing and BBQ

Public viewing and BBQ

Since the football World Cup takes place at the loveliest season of the year, it is a good idea to watch the games together with friends in the garden. Invite them over for a barbecue and enjoy the upcoming match with video projector, screen and some cool drinks. One more tip: You can easily set up a guest access or access point for your friends. This keeps your network secure and no one accesses important data from your network storage. A change of access data is omitted and a relaxed and exciting World Cup begins.

How to make football haters happy

How to make football haters happy

To enjoy a relaxing summer without quarrelling about the TV program during the World Cup, each family member has the opportunity to stream his favourite program such as series and music while the football-enthusiastic part of the family looks forward to the next goal. You avoid discussions beforehand and all your loved ones are happy. Thanks to the devolo solutions, everything works simultaneously - without quality loss and with a stable data rate.



Sufficient bandwidth for any streaming experience

A stable WiFi connection is a must for live-streaming the World Cup. Especially in the garden nobody wants to burn up data volume of their mobile devices.

Additionally, interference-free football enjoyment requires a certain transmission speed. Although 2 Mbps are sufficient for most streaming channels, enjoyment arises when you 

have a transfer rate of at least 6 Mbps for HD streaming on your Smart TV and

the possibility to read important additional information and trivia with your smartphone at the same time and in the same network.

With WiFi-enabled dLAN adapters, you can set up a wireless network with up to 1200 Mbps in no time! Enough bandwidth for you, your friends and a top-class HD streaming experience. On the terrace or in the cellar: Enjoy a first-class TV picture thanks to Powerline adapters from devolo. 


More tips for a perfect World Cup experience

Enjoy streaming

Enjoy streaming

Prepare your tablet or laptop for livestream transmission ahead of time. Often all you need to live-stream a match is a flash-enabled browser and sufficient transmission speed.

The perfect garden party

The perfect garden party

Have a playlist of your favourite party and World Cup songs prepared. For music streaming your optimized Internet connection is ideally suited as well. Snacks in the colours of your favourite country will be an eye-catcher at your football party. E.g. colourful fruits, peppers, tomatoes and olives ensure fan enjoyment in matching colours.

Stay up to date

Stay up to date

Lots of apps give you access to interesting facts that will make you popular at any party. Get access to knowledge about the World Cup or current game statistics and standings on your smartphone in real time. The WiFi dLAN adapters from devolo allow you to surf during the games at full speed using your mobile devices.

Our recommendation for you: dLAN® 1200+ WiFi ac

The fastest WiFi—from any electrical socket.

Powerline data transmission at speeds up to 1200 Mbps.

WiFi at ac speeds up to 1200 Mbps.

Integrated Gigabit LAN ports and power socket.

Even higher performance with range+ Technology.

No configuration necessary; the adapter takes the access data from the router.



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