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WiFi Move Technology WiFi Anywhere

WiFi anywhere – Simply. Always. Connected.

The new WiFi Move Technology brings boundless Internet freedom to any room – even before you are there.

WiFi Move Technology – the WiFi of the future is exactly where you need it. Experience the best connection quality for your smartphone, tablet and laptop throughout the home with WiFi Anywhere. The new WiFi Move Technology brings boundless Internet freedom to any room – even before you are there. Experience high-speed media streaming and other forms of online entertainment like you have never seen before.

The smart WiFi connection that moves with you

devolo brings the future to your home today. The innovative WiFi Move Technology always gives you the best reception.

devolo WiFi Move Technology lets you experience the best connection quality for your mobile devices. WiFi Move does not offer just one access point, but rather provides WiFi access from a wide variety of locations throughout the home. The compact access points are connected to each other using Powerline technology and ensure the WiFi signal is available right where you are. The best part is that your terminal devices, such as smartphones, tablets or laptops, seamlessly log in to the nearest transmitter automatically without dropping your Internet connection. The access point with the strongest signal is always picked so that you are always using the best connection quality. Using an additional WiFi adapter, you can also depend on having high-speed Internet access in your office, attic or even surfing in the garden. This lets you enjoy full WiFi reception and maximise the potential of your devices. An additional LAN port ensures that your other devices, such as game consoles, smart TVs, computers or media receivers, are also able to connect to the Internet.

devolo brings the future to your home today.

How the devolo WiFi Move Technology works in your house.

Top-performance WiFi reception throughout the home has never been this easy. Simply plug the WiFi Move Access Point into the electrical socket, press the button and start enjoying the best connection quality. WiFi Move lets you very quickly set up a large wireless network in your home and intuitively monitor it with ease using our free iOS and Android app. Use the app to create personal passwords and to define additional security settings. Your personal settings are transferred automatically to all WiFi Move Access Points. This means you only have to configure the entire network once.

Of course, your home network can be expanded as desired using WiFi Move Technology: simply connect additional adapters in the exact place you want to enjoy boundless Internet freedom. You can conveniently transfer the configured settings to an added adapter by simply pressing a button. Additional functions like guest accounts, parental controls and time control settings are available for even more convenience. dLAN® from devolo brings the future to your home today.

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