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range+ Technology - Powerline Network

The new Powerline home network generation from devolo.

devolo range+ Technology. The new Powerline home network generation from devolo.

WiFi quickly reaches its limits with the increasing requirements on our home network. We live in a digital world in which the Internet is a firmly entrenched part of our everyday life. Sometimes a common Powerline connection is not sufficient to simultaneously surf the web, play online games and stream HD movies. You can enjoy music, videos and photos in the future without annoying load times with range+ Technology from devolo and rejoice over an optimal home network experience. Use your Internet connection at full quality in any room − with dLAN® Powerline products with range+ Technology from devolo.

Innovative technology, maximum transmission rate

devolo range+ Technology usage

With its range+ Technology devolo is introducing the new Powerline generation for even faster data transmission in the home network. A revolutionary innovation makes transmission rates of up to 1,200 Mbps a reality: conventional Powerline technology uses only two of the three lines in the electrical circuit (phase and neutral conductor). The innovative range+ Technology from devolo with MIMO technology (Multiple In Multiple Out) can also make use of the earth wire, utilising the full physical potential of the power line for the first time. The actual function of the wire is not affected while doing this. This not only achieves significantly higher transmission capacity, but longer range as well.
In particular, dLAN® Powerline network connections that must work over longer distances benefit from the revolutionary range+ Technology. It is precisely these connections that suffer from interference due to the distance of the line. Examples of typical sources of interference that affect transmission quality in many households are power packs and energy-saving lamps. devolo has created a way to provide optimum transmission capacity using the additional signal coupling of the earth wire. Even secluded rooms in the basement or attic are now connected with a high data rate. The patented technology, which is used by devolo adapters exclusively, automatically selects the best communication paths in your mains supply to guarantee maximum range and stability.

dLAN® Powerline products with range+ Technology

The new Powerline home network generation from devolo.

devolo is the only manufacturer in the world to use its proprietary range+ Technology. As innovative as the patented technology is, the setup and handling of the dLAN® Powerline products are equally simple. Simply plug the Powerline adapter into the electrical socket, establish a connection to the router and the desired terminal devices and start surfing. You can connect all network-compatible devices with the dLAN® Powerline network adapters − from consumer electronics such as your smart TV to intelligent home automation with components of our devolo Home Control-series.

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