The future is now: Setting up voice control in just a few steps

The path to voice control is straightforward: devolo Home Control owners just need a Google Home or Google Home Mini smart speaker. In the associated Google Home app, they can then go to "Smart Home Control" and click on the "+" sign to add their devolo Home Control system. Done! From then on, voice control is available for their Smart Metering Plugs, Radiator Thermostats, Room Thermostats, Wall Switches as well as for all scenarios, rules and time programs. 

The heater is now listening to the word.

It takes just a few steps for you to link your devolo Home Control system to your Google Home voice assistant and then you can easily control your heating system using voice commands. Lean back, relax and use Smart Home voice control instead of having to walk to the heating regulator.


Integration - this is how it works

Easily turn lights on and off with voice commands.

Use voice commands to easily control your lamps and devices at power sockets. It doesn't matter whether it's going "On" or "Off". You just say it and Google Home follows your command without skipping a beat. This way, you can stay comfortable sitting on the sofa and control the light conveniently using voice commands, allowing you to keep reading without interruption.


Integration - this is how it works

Link events and control them with your voice at the same time.

You can control lights, the coffee machine and heating system as well as entire alarm systems, presence simulations or time control settings using simple voice commands. It's quick, easy and straightforward. Discover the many possibilities for using your voice to control your smart home through Google Home and get ready for the future.  


Integration - this is how it works

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