Alexa - How to set up devolo Home Control

Setting up Amazon Alexa (through Amazon Echo)

  1. Remove the Amazon Echo device from its packaging and, using the included mini USB cable, connect it to the power grid.

  2. Download and open the Amazon Alexa app.
  3. On the splash page, click/touch the plus icon and then select Add device.
  4. Follow the instructions in the app to finish setting up Amazon Alexa.

Note: You need an Amazon account to use Amazon Alexa.

Connecting Amazon Alexa to devolo Home Control

  1. Start the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone/tablet.
  2. Touch the devices icon at the bottom right edge of the screen.
  5. Start the skill search by touching the magnifying glass icon. Enter devolo and confirm your selection.
  6. In the following dialogue, enter your my devolo username and the corresponding password to create a link to Amazon Alexa.
  7. Amazon Alexa identifies the controllable properties and devices of your devolo Home Control installation. These are now available for voice command using Amazon Alexa.

Integrated devices can be assigned to other rooms

Integrated devices already assigned to a room (groups) can also be assigned to other rooms:

  1. On the Devices page, touch the plus icon at the top right.
  2. Select Add group.
  3. Enter a user-defined name for your group or select a room from the list of COMMON NAMES. Touch NEXT.
  4. Select the devices you want to add to your group by touching them.
  5. Click SAVE to save your selection.

Note: Amazon Alexa does not yet support transferring room names set up by your devolo Home Control.

Turning on lamps by voice command

Prerequisites: The devices being used are connected and already visible in the Home Control Portal and in the Alexa app.

Required hardware: devolo Smart Metering, devolo Home Control Central Unit

„Alexa, turn on the reading lamp “

  1. In the Home Control Portal or Home Control App, click/touch the Devices tab and select the Smart Metering Plug to be controlled. Click/touch the gear icon (… in the app) to edit the device.
  2. Enter the device name Reading lamp and save the entry.

Your new device is immediately detected by the Alexa app and can be switched on and off by voice command.

Edit the device name in the Alexa app

Alternatively, you can also edit the device name directly in the Alexa app.

  1. Touch the Devices icon at the bottom right edge of the screen.
  2. Select the corresponding Smart Metering Plug.
  3. Touch the gear icon and enter the desired name in the Edit name field.

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