Alexa for beginners: How to configure Home Control voice commands

"Alexa, meet Home Control. Home Control, meet Alexa." Believe it or not, getting the Amazon Echo device to recognise our Smart Home system is that easy. Open your Amazon Alex app and tap "Skills and Games." Select the "devolo" Smart Home skill. Now, use your login and password to link your Amazon and My devolo accounts—that's all! You now have the ability to operate all thermostats, Smart Metering Plugs and Wall Switches using voice commands. You can use your voice to control rules, time programs and scenes.

Your heating system listens to you.


As soon as your devolo Home Control system has been connected to Alexa, you can control your radiators conveniently with voice commands. Is one room too cold? Just say the word and Alexa takes it from there. You don't even have to get up.


Integration - this is how it works

Let there be light!


Talking to Alexa gives you direct control over all lights hooked up to intelligent sockets. Switch them on or off or activate a lighting scene—from now on, all lamps listen to your commands.


Integration - this is how it works

Activate scenes without touching a single button.


You can use devolo Home Control to set up custom scenes that are tailored to your activities. The heat doesn't have to be on full blast when you're not home. And when you turn on your home cinema, you can now dim the lights just by talking.


Integration - this is how it works

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