Saving energy

Even without new windows or a new heating system, astonishing results can be achieved with smart home control. The potential to cut heating costs is as important as the huge benefit of greater everyday comfort. Independent studies show a savings potential of 10 to 30% depending on the size of the home and the living situation. Simply by using components such as Door/Window Contacts, Radiator Thermostats and Room Thermostats, the convenient radiator controls can be configured with high energy savings potential in just a few minutes. An investment in devolo Home Control pays for itself quickly. 

Smart heating

Heating your home or flat uses a lot of energy and makes up a very large share of your total energy costs. According to the German Federal Bureau of Statistics, heating accounts for 70% of home energy costs. Thus it offers both the greatest potential savings, while comfort also plays an important role in heating control. Fortunately, smart home systems provide a great way of combining both aspects.