Enjoy comfort with devolo Home Control

devolo Home Control works with Google Home

The path to voice control is simple: devolo home control owners only need a Google Home or Google Home Mini Smart Speaker. From now on your switching and measuring sockets, radiator and room thermostats and radio switches as well as all scenes, controls and time programs are available via voice control!


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Control your smart home devices with Amazon Alexa

"Alexa, meet Home Control. Home Control, meet Alexa." Believe it or not, getting the Amazon Echo device to recognise our Smart Home system is that easy. Open your Amazon Alex app and tap "Skills and Games." Select the "devolo" Smart Home skill. Now, use your login and password to link your Amazon and My devolo accounts—that's all!


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devolo Home Control and Philips Hue®

Lighting has a substantial influence on our well-being and even our health. The smart lighting control from Philips Hue® lets you configure the best ambiance in light in your own home with ease, flexibility and maximum convenience - from floor lamps to LED light strips and popular Philips Hue® light bulbs.


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