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devolo home automation lets you simplify everyday household life in a hassle-free way. You can easily and intuitively control heating, lighting and electrical devices the same way you control home security and energy consumption. You have control over everything at all times in your living spaces at the touch of a button, via timer or with the app. The home automation functions on the building block principle: Select the devices you would like to use in your living spaces from the available devolo Home Control devices. The heart of your smart home is the devolo Home Control Central Unit, which you can simply plug into any electrical socket. Subsequently program all devices used via the Central Unit.

Smart home at a glance

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This is the smart home.

The term smart home includes a variety of devices and systems that have the goal of improving your living comfort through automated operations. Innovative technologies enable networking, remote control and programming of all functions in a smart home.

According to the definition, a "smart home" is a generic term for various technical systems that pursue three major goals:

  • Improving quality of life
  • Increasing household safety and security
  • Using energy efficiently

What are smart home devices?

Smart home devices are responsible for ensuring that individual operations in your smart home run automatically or can be controlled remotely. This includes "smart" devices such as wireless thermostats or wirelessly controlled motion detectors, but also various switches and sensors that integrate simple household appliances into your smart home network.

The Smart Metering Plug is one example. As soon as you connect an appliance like a lamp to your power supply through the Smart Metering Plug, you can conveniently control the lamp on a timer or remote control. At the same time, the wireless power socket continually measures the power consumption of the lamp. This transforms simple household appliances, such as your washing machine, coffee machine or TV set, into smart home devices in just a few easy steps.


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What has to be considered during installation?

devolo Home Control makes it easy for you to set up your own home automation system—without any previous knowledge or permanent installation. Some of the devices are suitable as an adapter for connecting to any power socket, some sensors you can easily fasten in place with screws or included adhesive strips. Everything you need for the installation is included with every devolo Home Control device.

When setting up your smart home, keep the following order in mind: Start by connecting all 230 V devices, such as the devolo Home Control Smart Metering Plug. Next you can pair any battery-operated devices, e.g. the devolo Home Control Smoke Detector, the Door and Window Contact, the Wall Switch or the devolo Home Control Radiator Thermostat.

Note: To control your smart home, you will need a Z-Wave®-compatible control unit, e.g. the devolo Home Control Central Unit.

The devolo Home Control system could not be easier to operate.

devolo Home Control is a home automation system in which all products communicate with the Central Unit. Z-Wave® smart home wireless technology connects the individual devices and sensors. This enables each device to act as a trigger for another device, such as a motion detector turning the lights on when it detects motion.

All operations are controlled through a central control unit, the devolo Home Control Central Unit. Once you have stored the desired processes and scenarios in the Central Unit, it automatically forwards all commands to the individual devices. At the same time, the Central Unit receives all notifications, status messages and information about the power consumption of the connected devices.

The devolo Home Control adapters are connected to each other over Z-Wave® wireless technology and do not need an Internet connection to run the programmed commands. You only need an online connection for the initial pairing and for the device settings. You can configure all of the settings using a web browser or app using the my devolo portal.

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