UMTS/LTE network overload

The easy devolo solution for mobile devices

The end of UMTS/LTE-network overload

Mobile device usage is continuously growing: Smartphones and tablets are used both for business and for personal use on a daily basis. Renowned studies even confirm that mobile Internet data volume doubles every 2 years. The high transfer rates in state-of-the-art UMTS/LTE networks ensure maximum utilisation and, despite higher investments in the infrastructure, keep bringing the network to its performance limits.


Many consumers also access UMTS/LTE networks from home. Wi-Fi is frequently not used, since availability throughout the home is not guaranteed. Furthermore, according to a current, representative GfK study carried out in Germany (from May 2014), over half of those polled find the connection using Wi-Fi to be too complicated. Consequences for the UMTS/LTE networks: 

  • Slow and poor connections
  • Frequent connection interruptions
  • No connection or long wait times
  • Errors during cell re-selection


Through an easy solution, consumers are made aware of the availability of their own broadband connection; strain is taken off of the UMTS/LTE network and customer satisfaction increases. With its Wi-Fi products, devolo brings the wireless home network to each room of the home.

Your advantages

  • Your customers can surf the Internet at maximum speed
  • At the same time, expensive network resources are conserved
  • Higher capacity is available, for example, for lucrative roaming revenue
  • Customer satisfaction increases thanks to simple plug-and-play
  • In addition, you can offer additional appealing services, such as the set-up of fixed surfing times for children

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