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Experience the new no-border world of surfing with all-encompassing devolo Mesh WiFi. Magic 2 WiFi streams incredibly stable, ultra-fast internet through your home at up to 2400 Mbps – and is phenomenally simple, using your power lines. Stream films in fantastic UHD. Enjoy high-speed surfing in any corner of your home. Travel in virtual realities and discover the expanse of the internet of things (IoT). Everything is possible, nothing impossible – with devolo’s magical Mesh WiFi.

Please note: devolo Magic adapters are compatible with all routers, network devices, devolo Magic adapters and products certified by HomeGrid Forum. dLAN® Powerline adapters and other HomePlug AV products, including the devolo Outdoor WiFi Powerline adapter, are not supported.


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devolo Magic - Wi-Fi anywhere at home

Magic really is the secret here, as devolo Magic transforms your home in seconds into a futuristic multimedia temple that is ready for the future right now. And it offers so much more besides - more speed, more stability, more range and more Internet enjoyment. Bring the world to your home and experience magical moments together.

Magical Mesh WiFi anywhere

With the Home Network App you can install and control your Magic adapters with ease.

Magic 2 WiFi is optimally suited to the following applications


With phenomenal 2400 Mbps, it is everywhere – devolo’s magical Mesh WiFi. Enjoy YouTube videos, stream music, or immerse yourself in online games via PC or tablet. devolo Magic 2 WiFi lets the internet flow where you happen to be.


Just lean back! devolo Magic 2 WiFi lets you stream the greatest cinema hits – in ultra-sharp resolution with fantastic 8K. And not just on your Smart TV in front of your sofa. Mesh WiFi can deliver the internet anywhere. To your tablet, to your garden ...

Virtual Reality

Reach for the stars! devolo Magic 2 WiFi puts you right into the future. Discover virtual worlds of first-class VR gaming. Transform your home into a magical multi-media temple. With phenomenally stable, lightning fast multi-room Mesh WiFi.

Overview of the advantages

All-encompassing Mesh WiFi for your home

devolo Magic 2 WiFi makes you freer than ever before. The magical Powerline adapter opens any room, from the basement to the attic, to the limitless expanse of the internet – with fantastic ease via your power line.


Connect stationary devices such as a Smart TV, receiver, game console, or PC. Or immerse yourself in enchantingly stable WiFi roaming via mobile or tablet. It is especially easy with devolo’s Starter Kit or Multi-Room Kit. And to expand your Magic home network, you can use the single adapters, all with integrated wall socket and child safety.

Phenomenally stable

  • Whole Home WiFi: devolo Magic 2 WiFi gives you revolutionary Mesh WiFi for the first time. It allows fantastically stable surfing wherever you are without irritating lags.
  • Unbelievably fast: The devolo Magic adapter uses WiFi ac and four aerials on two frequencies to conjure up amazingly fast internet, right where you need it.
  • Multi-room surfing: Airtime Fairness allows you to relax and stream films while huge quantities of data are being sent to the cloud from the PC in the next room. The fastest device has right of way.

Phenomenally flexible

  • Incredible 2400 Mbps: Do whatever you want – devolo Magic 2 WiFi ensures that everything works as it should. With amazing speed, you can use Powerline to surf and stream into the future.
  • Fantastically free: The two Gigabit LAN connections per adapter and an unprecedented range of 500 metres make anything possible. Surfing on the terrace? Cloud office in the attic? Sure!
  • Simply magical: Create your personal Magic home network. All devolo Magic adapters can be used together and coupled with routers of any type.

Phenomenally secure

  • Enchantingly encrypted: devolo Magic 2 LAN ensures that your data are secure. The Powerline connection uses 128-bit AES, and the WiFi uses WPA2.
  • Ready for the future: devolo Magic adapters are compatible with all devices. And you can be sure that you will not miss anything.
  • Enchantingly simple: You just plug in the devolo Magic adapter, and the intelligent Plug & Play does the rest. And the intuitive devolo app makes you master of the net with an eye on everything.

Innovative technology

devolo Magic 2 WiFi brings the future home to you. Dead WiFi spaces are a thing of the past, since real Mesh WiFi ensures that you always access the fastest hub. In the remotest corner of your house. Fantastically fast.


Surf at high speed, no matter where your sofa is. devolo’s magical WiFi brings the internet wherever you need it. Enjoy UHD films in fantastic resolution without any lags. Or get lost in VR worlds and experience the fascination of the gaming future. And if you want to master IoT, you can do that, too. Magic 2 WiFi will be your bridge to the future. Enjoy multiple compatibility – for and Magic networks.

Trust the world’s market leader

When it comes to Powerline technology, nobody can touch devolo. Since 2002, the dLAN pioneer has been extraordinarily successful in developing products for all aspects of dLAN and WiFi powerhouse technology. More than 400 awards in this area and millions of satisfied customers around the world testify to that success.


Place your trust in the finest Powerline technology. Rely on devolo and bring Magic 2 WiFi home. Build your bridge to the future!

Magic 2 WiFi is ideal for the following devices:
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  • Printer
  • Computer
  • Game console
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Smart TV
  • Laptop

Supported operating systems
  • from Windows 7
  • from Mac OS X 10.9
  • from Ubuntu-Linux 14.04

Scopes of delivery

  • 1x devolo MAGIC 2 WiFi Adapter
  • 1x installation guide

Starter Kit
  • 1x devolo MAGIC 2 LAN Adapter
  • 1x devolo MAGIC 2 WiFi Adapter
  • 1x installation guide
  • 1x Ethernet cable (2m)

Whole Home WiFi Kit
  • 1x devolo MAGIC 2 LAN Adapter
  • 2x devolo MAGIC 2 WiFi Adapter
  • 1x installation guide
  • 1x Ethernet cable (2m)

Support / FAQ

What hardware are Magic devices compatible with?

Magic devices are compatible with all routers and with products certified by the HomeGrid Forum. Magic devices with WiFi will network with any WiFi enabled devices (Tablets, Smartphones, etc.).

Do Magic devices also support older dLAN devices?

dLAN devices are not supported by the new generation of technology.

Can dLAN and Magic networks be used in parallel?

Using different adapters from devolo’s Powerline range may diminish network performance – best results are achieved with a magic-only network.

How are Magic devices installed?

The devices connect automatically. You do not have to do anything.

Is my home network consisting of Magic devices automatically secure after initial installation?

Yes. All Magic adapters work securely and with encryption.

How can I change the password for my home network?

You can do that either using the app or via cockpit.

Are supplementary Magic adapters also installed automatically?

No. You have to add the new device using one of the previously installed devices and by pressing a button. To do this, start by selecting an adapter from your existing network. Then press the encryption button of the new adapter.