The new app for a magical home network

The new devolo Home Network App is as fantastic as the Magic network itself. You can use it to set up and control your Magic adapters amazingly simply and fantastically fast. Wherever in the house you are, you can view all devolo Magic adapters, with and without WiFi function. Monitor transmission speeds of individual adapters and configure your home network with a few easy clicks to be just as you want it. Practical guest access points can be set up effortlessly, as can home network time control. An intelligent assistant also provides step-by-step help as you install your Magic network.

Fantastically uncomplicated

Control your Magic network as though by sorcery. Intuitive, fast, and fantastically uncomplicated.

Magical features and devolo Home Network App innovations

Magically fast network overview

Keep an eye on everything! The new devolo Home Network App allows you to see what Magic adapters are in your home network. It can reliably detect both LAN and WiFi adapters.  By giving each adapter its own name, you can even monitor many adapters as if by magic! The best thing is that you can use the new devolo Home Network App simply and without registration. Get started now!

Ingenious installation wizard

No complicated instructions! No irritating trials! The ingenious installation wizard in the new devolo Home Network App helps you set up your home network step-by-step. Its practical tips and solution recommendations help you circumvent pitfalls as though by magic. It also provides assistance when you upgrade your Magic network. The intelligent installation wizard allows you to integrate new adapters into your home network wonderfully fast and fantastically simply.

Fantastic configuration options

Retain control! You decide who has access to your home network and what they can see. With a few clicks, you can set up e.g. practical guest access. Your guest can surf the internet at fantastic speed even as your important documents and photos remain protected. Use the new devolo Home Network App to set home network shutdown and startup times too. Fantastically intuitive and just as you like it!

Intuitive. Simple. Free of charge. Download it now!

Get started with the best network! Fantastically individualised and wonderfully simple. The new devolo Home Network App allows things that were previously reserved for experts – for anyone, at any time. Just download it and get started. The new devolo Home Network App is compatible with all devolo Magic adapters – with and without WiFi function.  It is available for both iOS and Android devices.


Note: After your dLAN 550 WiFi, dLAN 550+ WiFi, or dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac adapter is updated to the “delos” devolo operating system (version 5.1 or later) you can also control these components of your home network via the devolo Home Network App.