Experience the internet conveniently and lightning fast with Wi-Fi or LAN

Is there enough network cable laid in your house? Then you are among the lucky few who only need to use the network access points in the rooms and can conveniently connect to the internet. If not, you need an alternative. Connections via wireless LAN are the most popular option for getting internet access for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. But if high-performance connections for gaming on a game console or HD-quality streaming on a smart TV are required, Powerline with LAN connections is better for uninterrupted surfing pleasure.

When you can surf comfortably with Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connections are practical, since they require neither long cables nor connections on the devices to be connected. Wi-Fi is especially well-suited to:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Web radios

Wi-Fi makes the use of these devices throughout the house flexible. These devices also frequently have no connection for a wire-based connection. Wi-Fi is also usually the first choice for outdoors areas, such as the balcony, the garden terrace, and the garage workshop.

Three quick basic tips for better Wi-Fi

Reconsider the router's space

You should not install it in the last corner of the basement or in the attic.

Change the location of the router

Do not place the router behind bulky furniture or next to sources of interference.

Extend the router's Wi-Fi signal

Short distances: WiFi repeater - Across several rooms: Powerline adapter

Is your Wi-Fi unstable or too slow?

Wi-Fi has a limited range that depends on a variety of influencing factors. Only a few metres turn out to be an insurmountable distance for an interference-free connection to the internet.


Find out more about causes and solutions here

Powerline solutions with LAN for challenging terminal devices

Whenever speed and large volumes of data are decisive, a LAN connection is the best choice. In order to 

  • watch your favourite series on your smart TV without delays,
  • order the Cyber Monday deals on your PC without long load times,
  • show your friends who’s the champ during joint gaming sessions on your game console. 


If you don’t have a network access point in all your room, your can simply convert any power socket into an internet connection using devolo Magic, and connect your devices via LAN. Our Powerline adapters are available with one, two, or three LAN connections. There are also Wi-Fi-capable adapters, of course.

Four challenging devices for which LAN is often better suited than Wi-Fi

Télévision intelligente dans le salon

Smart TV

... for streaming your favourite TV series or films – entirely without interruptions.

Des amis qui jouent dans le salon

Video game consoles

... for fast data transmission during games on your gaming console with your best buddies.

Home Office devices

... such as printers and PCs can be connected to a reliable network via LAN without any complications.

Photo de vacances sur l'ordinateur portable

NAS server

... allows you to access your holiday pictures or important documents from anywhere.

Internet via Powerline – installed in a few minutes

devolo Magic uses the existing power lines in the building. Data are transferred via the in-house power network. There is no need for complex wiring.


The Powerline network takes only a few minutes to install. Long distances, room ceilings, walls, and furniture no longer pose a problem. You internet reception is just as strong in your basement or attic is just as strong as it is in your living room.


All you need is at least two adapters for the power socket: You connect one adapter to the router, and the other transforms into a network access point in no time. You can use it to conveniently connect your smart TV, game console, or PC.


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