What is a guest Wi-Fi network?


A guest Wi-Fi is a separate, isolated Internet access with limited functionality within your network. It works through the same router but uses its own IP address. This gives friends and guests of the house the opportunity to use the Internet conveniently without having access to the actual network environment and the devices connected to it.


A guest access is extremely useful, especially if you welcome guests on a regular basis. In terms of convenience and safety, it differs from standard Wi-Fi – and has clear advantages for both you as the host and your valued guests. In the following lines you can read what these are and how you can get the most out of your guest Wi-Fi.

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What are the advantages of a guest Wi-Fi?


1. Safety

Setting up a guest Wi-Fi increases safety for your entire home network. Your visitor can access the Internet, but not the router configuration, shared folders, printers, or other parts of the network. If, in the worst case, malware is creeping around on a guest’s smartphone, it cannot easily spread through your home network and infect other end devices.


In short, your guests can use the Wi-Fi without potentially endangering the archive of family photos, confidential home office documents, or other aspects of your home network.

2. Comfort

With a guest network, you do not have to reveal your private Wi-Fi password, while at the same time simplifying the login process for your guests. In this way, you can make the main password as secure as possible without overwhelming your visitors with confusing 20-digit sequences of numbers and letters after dessert.


Our tip: The login process for guests is particularly easy by using a QR code, which can be generated with some router models and Wi-Fi repeaters from devolo.

3. Control


If you want to be very precise, you can even specify which websites guests can visit via your Wi-Fi – or rather: which ones they don’t. With many router models you also have the option of allocating maximum bandwidths to your primary and guest Wi-Fi. For example, you can limit the speed at which your visitor surfs if this would otherwise overload the network too much.


You can read more about this below in our tips on how to set up a guest Wi-Fi.

Set up guest Wi-Fi: basic steps and tips


Many routers offer the option of setting up a Wi-Fi for guests. The exact procedure depends on your router model or internet provider, but the following basic steps should get you there.

Create guest network via router or provider app

Managing a home network is particularly easy with a dedicated companion app from your router manufacturer or provider. Here, it should be easy to find the “guest network” sub-item and to activate a guest Wi-Fi. Enter the name you want for the guest network and a (secure, but ideally simple) password and confirm your changes. Done! The guest Wi-Fi is ready for use and should be easy to find for your guests in the list of available Wi-Fi accesses on their smartphones.


If your router does not come with a native app, you can also choose the old-fashioned way of configuring the router via browser. To do this, enter the router's IP address into the address bar of the browser window and then enter your router's login credentials, which can often be found on the bottom of the device. When you have successfully logged in, you will find the guest Wi-Fi option under one of the menu items called "Network settings" (or something similar).


If the guest access option is found neither in the app nor in the router menu, your router model probably does not support this particular feature. Then you can use a Wi-Fi booster in combination with the convenient Home Network app from devolo to comfortably set up the guest Wi-Fi.

Manage available bandwidth

All devices in a home network environment share a limited bandwidth – and you can manage the distribution of this bandwidth in the configuration menu of many routers. You do not want the kids to disrupt your guests' data stream with their online games? Or, reversely, your guests bringing the entire home network to a standstill with data-intensive streaming or similar applications?


Then you can prioritize bandwidth distribution in favor of specific users and applications. Depending on your router model, you can set the home office to utilize more bandwidth than the entertainment area. Or the main network to have a higher bandwidth cap than the guest Wi-Fi.

Check list of network participants

Most router apps and configuration menus offer an overview of all network participants who have already been logged into your Wi-Fi. Have you ever shared your Internet access with the neighbor upstairs, who is still (knowingly or unknowingly) stealing bandwidth from you? Then you can expel the unwanted participant from the network so that more bandwidth is available for you and your guests.


Speaking of guests: Those can also be kicked out the main network in a friendly but firm manner. Just recommend the login data for the freshly set up guest Wi-Fi to them on their next visit.

Monitor and limit Wi-Fi guest access

Are you expecting children to visit? Then you can monitor your Wi-Fi guest access and (usually) pre-activate parental controls in your router menu that block websites of certain categories (e.g. adult entertainment). You can also set a time limit for the guest Wi-Fi and only allow access to the Internet at certain times of the day. Or even block dedicated URLs if you want extra control over how your little (or big) guests use the internet.

Bonus: ensure optimal reception

Would you like to make your guest’s stay as comfortable as possible? Maybe you even have space for a guest room? Then you should ensure that your visitors have access to strong Wi-Fi everywhere. You can do this by following our basic tips for eliminating Wi-Fi weaknesses, setting up an additional access point or – the simplest and most elegant solution – use our Powerline technology to bring Wi-Fi right into the guest room.

Ideal guest Wi-Fi with devolo:

Strong reception and easy setup


You can turn every single socket in your living area into your very own access point for strong Wi-Fi. The magic word is: Magic Powerline. The efficient home network extension from devolo uses the power line in your house to transport the Internet signal throughout the entire living space. Simply place an adapter near the router and another in the room of your choice – and you are good to go.


Whether for a quick Wikipedia fact check at the dinner table, killing time with social media in the bathroom or the nightly Netflix stream in the guest room: with devolo, your guests can enjoy strong Wi-Fi anywhere.

Home Network App – the company for your guest Wi-Fi


Managing your home network is child's play with the Home Network app from devolo – and so is setting up a Wi-Fi guest access. The appropriate option is easy to find and use.


As soon as you have determined a Wi-Fi name (SSID) and a password, you can share those credentials with your guest – or simply provide them with the generated QR code for an even faster and more convenient login.


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