Target Wake Time – brief definition


Target Wake Time (TWT) ensures that end devices spend more time in standby while sending and receiving data more economically. This reduces energy consumption and increases overall efficiency within the home network.

Frequently used everyday devices communicate with the Internet. However, not every Wi-Fi-capable home network client needs to constantly send and receive data and thus be available on demand at all times. This is where Target Wake Time (TWT) comes into play.

What does Target Wake Time do?

Target Wake Time enables end devices to decide when and how often they wake up to receive or send data. Access points of the Wi-Fi 6 standard thus ensure smarter management of data streams and lower energy consumption.


Because access points and Wi-Fi clients also agree on specific communication times through TWT, individual end devices can better avoid each other and send their data alternately instead of simultaneously. This further increases overall home network efficiency and is particularly beneficial for an economical, stable smart home with many IoT devices that send and receive data only sporadically.

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