Turn your home into your favourite Wi-Fi place

Strong Wi-Fi lets you discover entirely new favourite places at home. Be in your bathroom and feel like you're in a luxury spa as you enjoy listening to your playlist without any dropouts. Then head to your garage and watch online tutorials to bring out your inner mechanic. And your balcony transforms into an executive's office during a video conference under the open sky.


Here, you learn how easy it is for you to connect to a high-speed network in any room. It doesn't matter whether you're in the kitchen, cellar or kids' room – any room in the house can become your new favourite Wi-Fi place:


Re-experience your kitchen, cellar or kids' room! Turn your home into the ideal place for:


Immerse yourself in remote worlds

Home Office

Turn any room into a digital home office

High-speed surfing

So that you are always up to date


Enjoy bandwidth without any limits - for HD up to 8K.

devolo powerline adapter Magic 2 WiFi next starter kit in circles and wifi wave

The latest devolo Magic 2 WiFi next lets everyone find their own favourite Wi-Fi place.

It takes the home network to the next level: Powerline technology from the latest generation carries the Internet signal everywhere over the power grid, from the basement to the attic.

And state-of-the-art mesh functions automatically ensure that your smartphone, tablet etc. are optimally connected to the network – for seamless Wi-Fi at all of your family's favourite spots and everywhere in between. 

Customer Reviews

"We struggle with WiFi coverage as our cottage is rambling and has thick stone walls. With this product we now have a good signal in every room. It was so simple to install too and I am the least technically savvy person around."

Linnie, amazon Review, 1 Dec 2020

"Excellent results. Really easy set up. Great coverage as bought to run WiFi to my office in my garden room 150 foot from the main house. Works really well."

Louise, Revoo, 02 Sept 2020

"I ordered these as a last resort in order to try to get more than 100mbps into my office upstairs. I was expecting something like 50-70mbps and needing to return them but was pleasantly surprised - they reliably hit 210mbps throughput and occasionally peak to 250! Very happy."

Mark, Amazon Review, 29 Nov 2020

"Takes wifi to where we need it, much more reliably, in a flat surrounded by competing wifi signals that cause interference. These adaptors are of good quality, they work well. No more wailing and gnashing of teeth over dropped wifi connections in the middle of important online work meetings."

Elise, Revoo, 31 Oct 2020

The world's fastest Powerline adapter

  • Seamless Wi-Fi reception thanks to mesh: Without interruptions, in any room.
  • Optimal WLAN supply: Faster devices have the right of way in the network.
  • Maximum security: the most recent encryption standards


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Magic 2 WiFi next Starter Kit

  • 2 adapters for establishing your Magic Powerline network
  • Perfect for bringing Internet to any floor or room in living spaces up to 120 m².
  • More devolo Magic adapters can be easily added to the network at any time


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Magic 2 WiFi next Multiroom Kit

  • 3 adapters for establishing your Magic Powerline network
  • Perfect for bringing Internet to any floor or room in living spaces up to approx. 180 m²
  • More devolo Magic adapters can easily be added to the network at any time


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