Reception at any location, in any season

Maybe you recently bought a new smart TV? Or maybe you've been thinking about using WiFi, a projector and a laptop to turn one of the house walls into your neighbourhood's largest big-screen summer theatre?

No matter what you'd like to do with your summer and no matter whether you prefer spending the warmer months in your games room, garden or preparing summertime snacks in the kitchen, your network is available anywhere there's a power socket!


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  • Bandwidth for any streaming experience
  • Stutter-free Internet enjoyment from your favourite seat
  • Stream TV series and music without interruption

Enough bandwidth for any streaming experience

For streaming, a stable WiFi connection is a must. Nobody wants to rack up data charges on their mobile devices, especially in their own garden.

  • In addition, a smooth online experience requires a certain transmission speed. You can't enjoy streaming unless you
  • have a transmission speed of at least 6 Mbps for HD streaming on your smart TV
  • and are able to use your cell phone to look up important additional info and trivia on the same network at the same time.

WiFi-capable Powerline adapters let you in no time set up a wireless network that delivers a strong internet connection. That means plenty of bandwidth for you and your friends and a top-notch HD streaming experience. Whether it's on the patio or in the basement, you'll be thrilled with the top-quality video quality thanks to Powerline adapters from devolo.


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Stutter-free Internet enjoyment from your favourite seat

Your favourite spot is guaranteed to be the best spot for enjoying the Internet without interruption, whether you are in your games room in the basement, your cosy living room sofa, your elegant kitchen or your relaxing sunlounger. Even in the most remote corner of the garden, this summer you can read your new ebook or use online tutorials to brush up on your gardening skills in your plot. After a strenuous day, you can relax in your hammock, letting the evening breeze cool you off as you stream your favourite music.

Stream TV series and music without interruption

To ensure this summer is truly relaxing and no one is left fighting over the remote, the sport fans in the family can cheer their team on towards the next victory while other family members can stream their favourite programming such as television series or music. This means no need to debate what to watch, and the whole family is happy. Thanks to the devolo solutions, everything works simultaneously—without any loss of quality and with a stable data rate.

devolo cures weak Wi-Fi!

devolo provides Magic WiFi as a solution with stable mesh Wi-Fi for all the Wi-Fi-hungry devices in your garden. Simply plug in the smart adapters in the immediate vicinity of the balcony or door to the garden and you're all set!

Any hobby gardener, even one without the slightest IT skills, will have success with the set-up. This involves plugging a devolo Magic adapter into a power socket near the router and using an Ethernet cable to connect the adapter to the router. Next, plug a second adapter into a power socket in the area where you want fast Internet.

Thanks to auto-pairing, the Magic adapters find each other automatically and are quickly ready to use. That's plug and play!

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Additional tips for your perfect summer experience

Guest account for friends

You can set up a guest account or access point for your friends quickly and easily. This lets you maintain your internet security and ensure no one will gain access to important data on your home network. You don't have to worry about changing the access information later on.  

The perfect garden party

Keep a playlist on hand with your favourite party songs. After all, your optimised internet connection is perfect for streaming music, too. Your party needs a motley array of snacks to draw in your guests. A variety of fruits, peppers, tomatoes and olives are bound to ensure a good time.

Missed your favourite show?

Didn't get home on time and missed your favourite series? No need to worry—you can stream your series online from one of the many media libraries. No hassle and no stuttering—whenever you want. Of course, this isn't the case just for series. It applies to sporting events, too. 

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