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The dLAN® 1200 triple+ Powerline adapter makes unpredictable disconnections and low transmission quality while you are streaming shows, for instance, a thing of the past. The latest Powerline adapter from devolo allows you to install a powerful, lightning-fast Internet connection throughout your entire house, while its three integrated Gigabit ports offer you more flexibility. You can start right away, since it doesn’t take much to get the adapter ready for operation: Just unpack it, plug it in, and start surfing. 


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Streaming – gaming

Now you can do all three at the same time with three Gigabit ports.

dLAN® 1200 triple+ is ideal for the following use cases


Use the lightning-fast data transmission on your PC in your living room, for instance, while you are streaming shows on your smart TV at the same time.

Home Office

Use this secure Internet connection in your home office, for example, to connect your PC, printer, and scanner to your powerful home network all at the same time.


Your children can also hook up a game console to the home network, and you will still have a constant, powerful Internet connection for all your devices.

Video: devolo Powerline Technology

Powerline adapters provides you with high-speed Internet from the electrical socket. Connect your computer, consumer electronics and additional network-compatible devices to the Internet easily using the simple home network. You can reach longer ranges without power loss thanks to range+ Technology. The Powerline adapters use the household power line for the Internet connection, making any power outlet an Internet connection. A fast connection in all rooms and on all floors is now possible without complicated wiring. Get your LAN from the electrical socket − on all floors, in the basement and even in the garden with Powerline.

Benefits at a glance

More possibilities than ever before

The latest dLAN® 1200 triple+ Powerline adapter’s three Gigabit ports offer more capabilities than ever before. The Gigabit port allows three network-capable devices, such as PC, smart TV, and game console to be connected simultaneously to the lightning-fast, powerful home network, providing you with even more fun.

 Just plug in the adapter wherever you need an Internet connection and connect multiple devices. This doesn’t mean that you have to do without a power connection, since the integrated front socket functions like a normal wall socket.

If needed, the dLAN 1200 triple+ adapter can be combined with other devolo adapters. 

Lightning-fast Internet connection

  • Lightning-fast Internet connection: The dLAN® 1200 triple+ sends the Internet to any room through the power socket.
  • More than 90 awards for the successful 1200 Mbps class.
  • Top-class Internet connection at speeds up to 1200 Mbps.

Three gigabit ports

  • Three gigabit ports: ideal for connecting consoles, Smart TVs and computers
  • More power: devolo range+ Technology also provides strong connections over long distances.
  • Connecting everywhere: The dLAN® 1200 triple+ is compatible with all conventional routers and all devolo adapters.

devolo range+ technology gives you more power

A router that is too far away or having too many devices connected to your home network can quickly become irritating – causing lags while you are trying to watch your favourite show, for instance. Devolo’s range+ technology, however, clears the way for extremely long range and a very stable connection of up to 1200 Mbps. Access the Internet anywhere in your home without having to sacrifice performance, and enjoy the latest shows and films at a fantastic transmission quality.

The dLAN® 1200 triple+ Powerline adapter, combined with range+ technology, offers up to 400 m more range than your conventional WiFi – all while using very little electricity. The innovative devolo PowerSave technology cuts your power usage – permanently, intelligently, and completely automatically. Even long distances now no longer pose any obstacle to your Internet connection – the devolo adapter means that the nearest LAN port for your terminal device is no farther away than the nearest wall socket.

Engineered in Germany

Starting now, you can receive an extremely powerful Internet signal throughout your entire house, with up to 1200 Mbps in any room, directly through your power line. Just plug the Powerline adapter into a wall socket wherever you need it and start surfing.

You receive top-quality performance for the toughest demands – devolo 1200 adapters are the most successful in their class and have received more than 90 awards. That is why you should invest in devolo’s new dLAN generation – the Powerline market leader with more than 40 million satisfied customers. 

dLAN® 1200 triple+ is ideal for the following devices
  • network storage
  • printer
  • computer
  • games console
  • smart tv

Supported operating systems
  • from Windows 7
  • from Mac OS X 10.8

Scopes of delivery

  • 1x dLAN® 1200 triple+ Adapter
  • 1x Ethernet cable (2m)
  • 1x installation guide

Starter Kit
  • 1x dLAN® 1200 triple+ Adapter
  • 1x dLAN® 1200+ Adapter
  • 1x installation guide
  • 2x Ethernet cable (2m)

Whole Home WiFi Kit
  • 2x dLAN® 1200 triple+ Adapter
  • 1x dLAN® 1200+ Adapter
  • 1x installation guide
  • 3x Ethernet cable (2m)

Support / FAQ

Can Wi-Fi be used simultaneously with the integrated LAN port?

Yes, Wi-Fi can be used simultaneously with the LAN port.

What are the prerequisites for using dLAN®? Where are the limits?

dLAN® works throughout the entire mains supply network of the house or apartment, regardless of whether the building is old or new. Of course, the network has to be on the same wiring, and the wire length must not exceed 300 meters. However, different phases are not a problem. Power meters attenuate the signal strongly, but do not necessarily block it.

Can I use devolo products even if I have different electrical circuits in my house?

Yes, devolo products also work if you have multiple circuits (phases) in the house. You do not have to modify the mains supply, such as by installing a phase coupler.

Can I also use devolo products in power strips?

In a few cases, power strips - particularly those with integrated switch and surge protection - can impair performance. To attain optimal connections, we recommend using devolo products with integrated (pass-thru) electrical socket and plugging the power strip into the devolo adapter.

Are dLAN adapters of different speed classes (200, 500, 650, 1200) compatible?

Yes, dLAN products of different speed classes are fully compatible with each other.

The only exception here is old devices with a speed of 14 and 85 Mbps. Unfortunately, these are not compatible with current products.

For technical reasons, devices from the devolo Magic series are not compatible with dLAN devices.


In a mixed network, each adapter connects to every other adapter at the highest possible speed. It does so independently of the other adapters in the network. In a network consisting of a 500 Mbps adapter and two 1200 Mbps adapters, for example, the 500 Mbps adapter will connect to the 1200 Mbps adapters at a speed of 500 Mbps. At the same time, the 1200 Mbps adapters connect to each other at the full 1200 Mbps.


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