Range Extension Technology

The added use of the earth wire enables, for the first time, data communication via three physical lines of the power circuit instead of two.

Range Extension Technology

The latest PLC technology from devolo ensures a stable Internet connection with significantly longer ranges and uses the power outlets even more efficiently. The new PLC generation with 600 Mbps guarantees the ultimate home network experience. Maximum range is ensured by the new range+ technology (patent pending): additional use of the earth wire allows data communication over all three physical wires in a power circuit for the first time ever - while, of course, still retaining the full protection provided by the earth wire. The result is an even higher data transmission performance, with maximum range and an improved Powerline network coverage in the entire building.

Benefits at a glance

  • Ensures a more stable internet connection with significantly higher range.
  • Ensures a significantly better transmission. Thanks to optimized and patented signal interference on the power line.
  • Use all three electrical lines: neutral conductor, phase, earth.
  • Automatically selects the best way of communication in the power line.


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Products with Range Extension Technology:

PLC 550+ WiFi

PLC 550+ WiFi

PLC 550+ Duo

PLC 550+ Duo

As opposed to usual diversity and SmartLink systems, range+ technology features optimised coupling to the earth wire. This principle, for which a patent is pending, enables a significant improvement in transmission quality. The first OEM PLC adapter with a 600 Mbps chip is the devolo PLC 650+. The adapter has a gigabit LAN port as well as an integrated electrical socket with a mains filter.

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