MIMO Technology

MIMO technology for more performance and longer range. Using all three wires of the power line for a significantly higher transfer rate

MIMO Technology

Powerline is the backbone of the smart home

The requirements for network technology in private households are increasing constantly. More and more device groups require faster and more stable data communication between each other and with the Internet. This not only includes computers, phones and digital consumer electronics, but is encompassing increasingly more smart home technologies as well. In addition to stability, transfer rate is one of the main challenges for home networks. This means it should basically be possible to access a network connection in any room of a building so that all of the device groups can have the best possible connection.

Using all three wires of the power line

MIMO technology has been integrated into devolo Powerline adapters to provide consistent, high-level data communication and maximum coverage. This means all three wires of the power cable are used for data transmission, the phase, neutral conductor and earth wire. In this setup, MIMO provides a simultaneous connection over the phase and neutral conductor as well as the phase and earth wire or the neutral conductor and earth wire. Transmission over two channels in each case enables a significantly higher transfer rate. Communication via the phase and neutral conductor also ensures compatibility with earlier generations of Powerline.
Powerline data transmission at speeds up to 1.2 Gbps is possible for the first time thanks to MIMO technology. This lets Powerline take full advantage of its key strengths: Fast, stable and secure connections throughout the home in combination with one-of-a-kind flexibility. Full broadband Internet connection performance is available at every power outlet starting immediately.

PLC 1200+

PLC 1200+

The PLC 1200+ is the first adapter to feature MIMO technology, thereby enabling Powerline connections at speeds up to 1.2 Gbps. In addition to a Gigabit LAN connection, this model also features an integrated electrical socket with a mains filter that optimises data transmission.

PLC 1200+ WiFi ac

PLC 1200+ WiFi ac

The PLC 1200+ WiFi ac combines the PLC 1200+ and WiFi AC into one high-performance home network adapter. In addition to the high-speed connection to wireless devices, the PLC 1200+ WiFi ac features two gigabit Ethernet LAN ports for stationary terminal devices.

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