Wi-Fi as easy as Powerline

The best Wi-Fi availability throughout the home


More and more devices in the household require a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection. Smartphones, tablets and laptops access innovative web-based services. There are, therefore, stringent requirements for a wireless home network: Stable and fast Internet must be available throughout the entire home and even in the garden or on the patio. At the same time, end customers demand a Wi-Fi solution that is particularly easy to set up and can be expanded as desired.


Wireless networks at home are greatly impeded by solid ceilings and walls. If the signal is emitted by only one transmitter, such as the Wi-Fi router, network access throughout the home is nearly impossible.


devolo understands the benefits of combining Powerline and Wi-Fi together; this allows for fast and secure wireless home networking throughout the home. In doing so, two technologies secure high availability and easy set-up:

devolo WiFi Sync

Unlike the classic Wi-Fi setup, where a central Wi-Fi router is responsible for supplying all rooms, devolo offers a solution with many access points. The access points interact to form a large, shared Wi-Fi network. Mobile devices search for the strongest access point, always giving you the perfect connection.  

devolo WiFi Clone mode

devolo has simplified set-up for its Wi-Fi models via the new Wi-Fi Clone function. This new, simple set-up allows Wi-Fi access data to be transferred securely from a router to devolo Wi-Fi access points at the push of a button. There is no need for complicated configurations. Additional devolo Wi-Fi adapters automatically obtain the access data. 

Your advantages

  • Increase customer satisfaction and customer retention through a customised plug-and-play solution for your customers that makes all of your services available throughout the home.
  • Low call rate at your call centre. Innovative installation process ensures easy and problem-free set-up.
  • Setting up the Wi-Fi network by pressing a button on the adapter or via intuitive software.
  • Expansion of the Wi-Fi home network for end customer satisfaction. Thus, follow-up purchases from your company are ensured.

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