PLC 550+ WiFi

The IPTV-Expert - Perfect for Multi-Room IPTV-Scenarios, HD/3D Video-Streaming or Video-on-Demand.

PLC 550+ WiFi

With an available bandwidth of up to 500 Mbps the PLC 550+ WiFi meets the requirements for the state-of-the-art digital HD/3D-TV and making it ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications. The PLC 550+ WiFi uses internal power lines as a long cable, thereby bringing the Internet to any room. The integrated wireless LAN also provides complete Internet coverage to every nook and cranny. Smartphones, tablets and laptops have full-strength coverage right from the start without any problems. An additional terminal device can be connected at any time (such as a Smart TV or game console) using the additional Fast Ethernet connection. The intelligent WiFi Sync Technology provides even more freedom: Now, smartphones, tablets and laptops are automatically connected to the Internet - the best Wi-Fi reception in any room or floor automatically! In addition, this PLC adapter provides an integrated power socket so that no power outlet goes to waste. This allows other terminal devices or power strips to be connected as they would to a normal wall socket. Moreover, the integrated mains filter of the socket provides a decisive improvement in data transmission.

  • 500 Mbps PLC adapter
  • Wi-Fi n-Standard (2x2 MIMO / 2,4 GHz)
  • Hybrid: PLC with Wi-Fi access point
  • 1 x LAN port (Fast Ethernet)
  • Intergrated socket with mains filter
  • 400 m range (Powerline)
  • TR-069 Support
  • Range Extension Technology
  • WiFi Sync Technology
  • Dynamic Powersave
  • Quality of service
  • Secure AES encryption (PLC)
  • Secure WPS encryption (Wi-Fi)
  • 5-Minute installation
  • Engineered in Germany
  • HomePlug AV-Standard
  • Mobile App option

The PLC & Wi-Fi Access Point

The PLC & Wi-Fi Access Point

Full-strength Wi-Fi reception for smartphones and tablet and a Fast Ethernet connection for connecting an additional terminal device (such as Smart TV or game console).

IPTV in any room

IPTV in any room

IPTV Multiroom (2x HD und 1 x SD) - Video on Demand (any Access) for content provider without IPTV streamning . OTT (over the TOP TV) H7 and EPG for cable network operators - broadband extension

WiFi Sync Technology

Multiple Powerline-based Wi-Fi access points set up a building-wide Wi-Fi network. All wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops connect automatically to the access point with the strongest signal.

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