Product features

Keep your home safe from potential dangers with a premium devolo alarm. At 110 decibels, the Alarm Siren can warn homeowners and their loved ones of burglaries, fire, water damage and other dangers. This is one of the most up-to-date, intelligent and effective ways that you can protect your home. The unmistakable signal has four different alarm tones that you can configure as well as three additional signal tones and a visual alarm.


Note: You always need a Z-Wave control unit for control, such as the devolo Home Control Central Unit.

Perfect for your security

Know that your home is protected.

Benefits at a glance

Opt for the additional red LED light for an additional visual alarm

  • A choice of four different alarm tones can be selected to suit different scenarios and three additional tones with lower volumes can be used for doorbells or feedback
  • Can configure with other Z-Wave® Home Controller components to alert you to other dangers or warnings, e.g. motion sensors, smoke detectors and window contact
  • The Alarm Siren can also be configured to sound a specific alarm for a specific threat, e.g. a unique alarm siren to signal a break in or the detection of water damage
  • Easy to install in any plug socket (standard 230V electric sockets)

No need to worry about bills as the Alarm Siren requires very low energy consumption

  • Quickly check in and manage via web browser or app on smartphones or other mobile devices including tablets
  • Combine with your existing devices and pre-installed devolo Home Control components
  • Know that your home is protected by Z-Wave® improved connectivity between wireless devices
  • Guaranteed three-year manufacturer’s warranty

Best protection in any situation

The devolo siren gives your Smart Home an unmistakable voice. At 110 decibels, it alerts you about any dangers that threaten your loved ones or valued possessions. It is equipped with 4 alarm tones for emergency cases and 3 latter tones for other scenarios. Additionally, there is a red LED available as a visual alarm and information signal.

Our Alarm Sirens are versatile and able to be installed quickly and easily anywhere around your home; they can be combined with any pre-installed Z-Wave® Home Controller and can then be controlled via devolo’s specially designed intuitive app.

Developed in Germany

Place your trust in devolo's many years of experience and in innovations made in Germany.


More than 400 awards and quality seals speak for themselves. The simplest smart home solution from the global powerline market leader. More comfort, more safety, lower energy consumption.


Discover the intelligent house for yourself.

Scope of delivery
  • 1 x devolo Home Control Alarm Siren (11,7 x 8,1 x 1,9 cm) including batteries and mounting material
  • 1 x installation manual

devolo Home Control App

Network everything in your home and control it with the devolo App.

Google Home & devolo Home Control - two strong smart home partners

The path to voice control is simple: devolo home control owners only need a Google Home or Google Home Mini Smart Speaker. It's easy to link to Google Home, so you can control your home control. Make your devices even smarter! 


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