Product features

The devolo Home Control Room Thermostat provides a personalized comfortable temperature in all areas of your home. You can use the wireless Room Thermostat to choose the ideal temperature near your sofa or dining room table. When the devolo Home Control Radiator Thermostat is used in this manner, it automatically compensates for the temperature differences that normally exist between your favourite spot and the radiator.


Note: You always need a Z-Wave control unit for control, such as the devolo Home Control Central Unit.​​​​​​​

Perfect feel-good temperature.

Benefits at a glance

Easy, centralised control of the room temperature

  • Comfortable temperatures exactly where you spend time, not just at the radiator.
  • Manual temperature control at the touch of a button, right at the Room Thermostat, as well as intuitive operation of the free Apple iOS and Android app for smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • Illuminated display to show temperature.
  • Quick and versatile installation via adhesive film or screws (both in the scope of delivery).

Ready to use in no time

  • Individually expandable at any time with other devolo Home Control components.
  • Future-proof thanks to standardised Z-Wave® wireless technology.
  • Highest data security via certified systems in Germany.
  • No monthly follow-up costs after purchase.
  • Full 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

The Room Thermostat for your personalised comfortable temperature

When combined, the devolo Home Control Room Thermostat and devolo Home Control Radiator Thermostats ensure a consistent temperature throughout your home. With this smart thermostat, you no longer have to have cold feet when sitting on the sofa, at the dining room table or at your desk because the central temperature control specifically prevents temperature differences between the radiators and your location.


The wireless Thermostat measures the temperature at the chosen location. If the values are too low, it reports them to the devolo Home Control Central Unit using standardised Z-Wave® wireless technology. Using this method, the temperature is adjusted automatically at the Radiator Thermostat until your comfortable temperature has been reached throughout the room. The wireless Room Thermostat also functions as a handy control switch that can be used to centrally control all radiators connected via the devolo Home Control Radiator Thermostat from your sofa or desk.

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Developed in Germany

Place your trust in devolo's many years of experience and in innovations made in Germany.

More than 400 awards and quality seals speak for themselves. The simplest smart home solution from the global powerline market leader. More comfort, more safety, lower energy consumption.

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Scope of delivery
  • 1 x devolo Home Control Room Thermostat (W/H/D: 75 x 75 x 24 mm) including batteries and mounting material
  • 1 x installation manual

devolo Home Control App

Network everything in your home and control it with the devolo App.


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