With a Humidity Sensor, you can continuously monitor the temperature and humidity of rooms and keep them within your ideal range. The devolo model also allows owners to provide a healthy room climate and contribute towards general wellbeing and mould prevention.

Not only are our Humidity Sensors able to continuously monitor the room, they are also low in energy consumption, able to reach over a long range and quick and easy to move around your desired location.


Note: You always need a Z-Wave control unit for control, such as the devolo Home Control Central Unit.

Ideal temperature

Benefits at a glance

Prevents the growth of mould by maintaining a healthy room climate

  • Reliably detects changes in humidity or temperature and alerts owners by sending notifications to their preferred device when either is excessive or insufficient
  • Continuous monitoring enables the Humidity Sensor to record ongoing data and report long-term analysis
  • A discreet and compact design that ensures the device is not intrusive
  • Flexible installation means you can set it up easily with either adhesive films or screws

Superior long-life battery

  • The extra-long range enables owners to monitor climate from further away, which is useful for areas such as sheds and garages
  • Combine the Humidity Sensor with your existing Home Control components at any time
  • The standardised Z-Wave® wireless technology ensures the device is future-proofed
  • Includes a three-year manufacturer’s warranty

Timely warning in case of poor air humidity

Owners can enjoy full control via text message, email or our very own app and they can combine the device with any other Z-Wave® Home Control components. Controlling your home’s temperature and humidity couldn’t be easier. 

Developed in Germany

Place your trust in devolo's many years of experience and in innovations made in Germany.

More than 400 awards and quality seals speak for themselves. The simplest smart home solution from the global powerline market leader. More comfort, more safety, lower energy consumption.

Discover the intelligent house for yourself.

Scope of delivery
  • 1 x devolo Home Control Humidity Sensor (L/H/P: 28 x 85 x 23 cm) including batteries and mounting material
  • 1 x installation manual

devolo Home Control App

Network everything in your home and control it with the devolo App.

Google Home & devolo Home Control - two strong smart home partners

The path to voice control is simple: devolo home control owners only need a Google Home or Google Home Mini Smart Speaker. It's easy to link to Google Home, so you can control your home control. Make your devices even smarter! 


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