Product features

With a Water Sensor, owners can make sure that no water damage goes undetected by receiving reliable updates and notifications to their devices.

Installing a devolo Water Sensor gives owners the chance to react quickly and prevent further damage by making the early detection of impending situations easy.

The flexible and discreet device has a long range that allows you to position it anywhere around the house without being obtrusive, whilst the long battery life ensures you don’t need to make inconvenient frequent updates.


Note: You always need a Z-Wave control unit for control, such as the devolo Home Control Central Unit.

Detect water damage.

Benefits at a glance

Early detection of impending water damage.

  • Low energy consumption, long range.
  • Allows flexible and unobtrusive positioning.
  • Intuitive operation using an app.
  • Individually expandable at any time with other devolo Home Control components

Future-proof thanks to standardised Z-Wave® wireless technology

Be safe in the knowledge that your house is protected

Installing a devolo Water Sensor is one of the easiest and quickest ways of achieving protection from water damage to your home. The device allows you to react quickly to impending floods from broken devices or bad weather and is therefore able to prevent further damage.

Once set up, the Water Sensor can automatically monitor rooms that are most at risk, including bathrooms, kitchens and basements, with no fear of low battery or range outages.
State-of-the-art Z-Wave® technology gives all devolo Water Sensors a reliable connection that provides alerts to even far-off rooms or buildings.

As soon as a leak or flood is detected, the sensor sends you a message via your preferred method (text, email or app) to give you the chance to fix the problem before it’s too late and becomes very costly.

Developed in Germany

Place your trust in devolo's many years of experience and in innovations made in Germany.

More than 400 awards and quality seals speak for themselves. The simplest smart home solution from the global powerline market leader. More comfort, more safety, lower energy consumption.

Discover the intelligent house for yourself.

Scope of delivery
  • 1 x devolo Home Control Water sensor (11,7 x 1,9 x 8,1 cm) including batteries and mounting material
  • 1 x installation manual

devolo Home Control App

Network everything in your home and control it with the devolo App.

Google Home & devolo Home Control - two strong smart home partners

The path to voice control is simple: devolo home control owners only need a Google Home or Google Home Mini Smart Speaker. It's easy to link to Google Home, so you can control your home control. Make your devices even smarter! 


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