Product features

The devolo Home Control Central Unit is the heart of your smart home: It discreetly controls all components for your intelligent home in the background. The smart home Central Unit regulates heating and light controls just as reliably as it does your Motion Sensor or Smoke Detector, your Wall Switch and your Smart Metering Plugs.

Thanks to the innovative Z-Wave® wireless technology, the devolo Home Control Central Unit is just as secure as it is flexible in use. Additional devolo Home Control components that you would like to install later can be integrated seamlessly into the system. The Wall Switch remains fully functional and continues to automatically regulate all processes, even in the event of an Internet dropout. Certified systems ensure that you have maximum data security.



The centrepiece of your smart

Control your Smart Home with the control panel from anywhere you want.

Benefits at a glance

The easiest smart home central unit in the world.

  • Controls all devolo Home Control components (available separately).
  • It doesn't get any quicker and easier than this: just unpack it, plug it in and get started!
  • The devolo Home Control Central Unit discreetly ensures that all components of your smart home work with each other without a hitch.
  • Intuitive operation via a free Apple iOS and Android app for smartphones, tablets or the computer

Full functional capability in the house, even without an Internet connection.

  • Individually expandable at any time with other devolo Home Control components
  • Future-proof thanks to standardised Z-Wave® wireless technology
  • Highest data security via certified systems in Germany
  • No monthly follow-up costs after purchase
  • Full 3-year manufacturer's warranty

Convenient control of your smart home

The devolo Home Control Central Unit ensures that all components of your smart home work with each other in the background without a hitch. If you would like to switch on your kitchen appliances via the Wall Switch, set the heating to a comfortable temperature with the Key-Fob Switch or use your pre-programmed alarm functions with the free my devolo app, the Central Unit reliably executes all of these commands.

Scenarios that you have pre-programmed for certain days of the week or times are run by the Central Unit reliably and are accurate to the minute. This way you can enjoy the amenities a perfectly organised smart home offers you without having to think about the automated processes yourself.

Developed in Germany

Place your trust in devolo's many years of experience and in innovations made in Germany.


More than 300 awards and numerous quality seals speak for themselves. The simplest smart home solution from the global powerline market leader. More comfort, more safety, lower energy consumption.


Discover the intelligent house for yourself.

Scope of delivery
  • 1 x devolo Home Control Central Unit (W/H/D: 72 x 132 x 42 mm – without connector)
  • 1 x installation manual
  • 1 x Ethernet cable 2 m, white

devolo Home Control App

Network everything in your home and control it with the devolo App.

Google Home & devolo Home Control - two strong smart home partners

The path to voice control is simple: devolo home control owners only need a Google Home or Google Home Mini Smart Speaker. It's easy to link to Google Home, so you can control your home control. Make your devices even smarter! 


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More safety

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Save Energy

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More comfort

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Developed in Germany
3-years manufacturer's warranty
Global market leader