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Turn any power socket into a WiFi hotspot.

dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ Powerline

SKU 01832

RRP: £ 89.99

dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ Powerline
dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ Powerline
RRP: £ 89.99

Product features

The WiFi booster for the home network. dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ Powerline Adapter. Turn every power socket into a WiFi hotspot.

The devolo dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ adapter transforms any electrical socket into a WiFi access point. The adapter provides a secure WiFi signal throughout the home at speeds of up to 500 Mbps. Network-compatible devices like smart TVs or game consoles can also be kept connected at all times thanks to the integrated LAN ports.

The dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ adapter utilises your household electrical wiring to convey the router signal to the furthest reaches of your building. This lets you use your WiFi wherever you need it – whether it's on the couch or in your office.

Limitless WiFi
If your router signal is not strong enough for seamless coverage, the dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ adapter is here to help. The compact device helps your WiFi signal get through walls and ceilings to your favourite spot without any signal loss. This lets you use your smartphone or tablet wirelessly throughout your home while automatic encryption ensures optimal protection against unauthorised access.

WiFi and three LAN ports at any electrical socket
The dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ adapter reliably provides you with high-speed WiFi on any floor and even in your basement. You can also use the adapter to expand coverage to a larger area. Thanks to WiFi Move Technology, multiple adapters connected together automatically form one WiFi network. Our software and free Cockpit app for iOS and Android let you conveniently and intuitively manage your personal home network.

The dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ adapter comes with three additional LAN ports for connecting network-capable terminal devices. This lets you connect computers, smart TVs and game consoles to the nearest electrical socket using network cables – complicated wiring is a thing of the past. The adapter also keeps energy consumption to a minimum thanks to intelligent PowerSave technology.

The dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ adapter is compatible with all other adapters from the 200/500/550/650/1200 Mbps product series and with models from other manufacturers using the same standard.                                   


Fast Internet connections at speeds up to 500 Mbps.

Integrated power socket

With an integrated power socket, no power outlet goes to waste.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Three integrated LAN ports also let you connect devices such as your computer, smart TV or game console to the Internet using network cables
  • High-speed WiFi at speeds of up to 500 Mbps from the electrical socket: simply unpack, plug in and surf wirelessly
  • The free app for Apple iOS and Android is intuitive to operate and lets you manage your personal home network with ease (e.g. parental controls, guest account, WiFi time control setting)
  • WiFi Move Technology automatically connects multiple adapters to form a single WiFi network. This way optimal WiFi reception is provided automatically throughout your entire home
  • Automatic encryption for active protection against unauthorised access
  • Minimum energy consumption thanks to smart PowerSave technology from devolo
  • The integrated socket ensures that no electrical socket goes to waste.
  • The Internet signal is sent throughout your household electrical wiring
  • Compatible with all devolo dLAN® Powerline adapters from the 200/500/550/650/1200 Mbps product series and adapters from other manufacturers using the same standard
  • Full 3-year manufacturer's warranty

Supported operating systems

from Windows XP

from Mac OS X 10.6

Ubuntu - Linux 12.04

Scope of delivery

  • 1x dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ (W/H/D: 76 x 152 x 40 mm, without connector)
  • 1x installation guide
  • 1x CD with user manual and configuration software


The best connection for all Internet-compatible devices

The best connection for all Internet-compatible devices: smart TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles, laptops, smartphones.


AV Tech media - 11/2013

Evaluation: Best Home Cinema Accessory 2013

“The devolo dLAN 500 AV Wireless+ offers a foolproof way of streamlining a modern, networked home entertainment setup. […] A versatile and powerful solution that’s easily recommended.”

MacUser - 8/2013

“The Wireless + is easy to set up and use, and the Cockpit tool - there‘s also a free iOS version - eases the process of administering a growing network.”

Go to evaluation

Computer Shopper - 7/2013

“Wireless Wonder”

HomeCinemaChoice - 7/2013

“Finally, the most impressive of the quartet here is undoubtedly the Devolo dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+. Combining approachable Wi-Fi, a three-port LAN switch and a passthrough powersocket, this package ticks every box.” Best solution for connecting your home entertainment equipment with 5 / 5 Stars.

What Satellite and Digital TV - 7/2013

Evaluation: gold

“Homeplugs are more reliable for networking than Wi-fi, but if you still want some of the benefit of the latter you can use the AV Wireless+. […] Conveniently designed. Easy to setup/manage. 5GHz compatible.”

PC Format - 6/2013

“Devolo has been making quality powerline network adapters for some time, and the dLAN® 500 AV Wireless + is the pinnacle of its premium line.”

Expert Reviews - 5/2013

“[…] potentially ideal if you have trouble connecting to your wireless router in certain parts of your home or office, or if you want to provide Wi-Fi access to your network on another storey of your house or building.”

Jason Slater Technology News - 5/2013

“It was pretty difficult to find any issues with the Devolo DLAN 500 AV Wireless+ Starter Kit and as a result it is deserving of a full five star rating. To the best of my knowledge this is the first five stars have ever been awarded to a product reviewed on this site.”

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Support / FAQ

Frequently asked questions & answers

  • Does the product offer a repeater function?

    dLAN® WiFi/Wireless+ products provide a full-fledged Wi-Fi access point and communicate with your router via the power line. The products have substantially more capabilities than a repeater. A repeater merely extends your router‘s wireless range. dLAN® WiFi products provide a Wi-Fi signal that is both powerful and versatile.

  • Can I use dLAN® WiFi to surf wirelessly in my garden?

    dLAN® WiFi adapters are intended solely for use indoors. However, you can place a socket close to the window to extend Wi-Fi reception to a garden, balcony or patio. This gives you the best Wi-Fi experience, even outdoors.

  • Can Wi-Fi be used simultaneously with the integrated LAN port?

    Yes, Wi-Fi can be used simultaneously with the LAN port.

  • Which Wi-Fi-capable devices can I connect to dLAN® WiFi adapters?

    You can connect any current mobile device with a Wi-Fi module to dLAN® WiFi adapters - giving you a fast wireless connection to the Internet and your home network. This includes smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone, tablet PCs such as the Apple iPad and notebooks. You can also network appropriately equipped consumer electronics in no time - such as a Smart TV or Internet radio.

  • Why is the product equipped with Fast Ethernet ports?

    The product‘s focus is on Wi-Fi speed; in addition, the product is designed for high energy efficiency. The limitation to Fast Ethernet made it possible to install particularly energy-saving components. This is reflected in the product‘s low power consumption, both during operation and in standby mode. The transfer rate the product can attain is sufficient for most applications, such as Internet extension, HD video streaming and data backup. For more advanced applications, we also offer products with Gigabit Ethernet ports.

  • What are the prerequisites for using dLAN®? Where are the limits?

    dLAN® works throughout the entire mains supply network of the house or apartment, regardless of whether the building is old or new. Of course, the network has to be on the same wiring, and the wire length must not exceed 300 meters. However, different phases are not a problem. Power meters attenuate the signal strongly, but do not necessarily block it.

  • Can I use devolo products in power strips with surge protection?

    The majority of power strips with surge protection available in stores will cause impairment of the devolo network‘s performance and thus can be recommended only to a limited extend. An exception is models designed specifically for operation in combination with devolo adapters.These are available, for example, from APC in its PL8VT3 and PL5B models.

  • How do devolo devices behave in the event of power surges (such as lightning strikes)?

    devolo products are protected from overvoltages and power surges in the mains supply network according to national and EU-wide regulations and standards. Compliance with these regulations is reviewed and confirmed by independent accredited laboratories. devolo products are always safe, i.e. the devices never pose a danger, even in the event of a power surge.In rare cases, local power surges (e.g. nearby lightning strike) may exceed the defined voltage level. In these cases, the built-in surge protection that is a feature of devolo products is activated to avoid further damage. The device usually becomes inoperable in the process.Connected devices (via network cable or the integrated power outlet) are not protected by this feature. Here, we recommend connecting a power strip with surge protection to the product‘s power outlet.

  • Why don‘t devolo adapters need phase coupling?

    Due to the high-frequency cross talk, the data signals are distributed to all phases automatically. The only requirement for this is that the phases run parallel. This high-frequency cross talk is a type of attenuation and can cause power loss.

  • Can I use devolo products even if I have different electrical circuits in my house?

    Yes, devolo products also work if you have multiple circuits (phases) in the house. You do not have to modify the mains supply, such as by installing a phase coupler.

  • Can my neighbours eavesdrop on my data? After all, they are connected to the same electrical wiring!

    Whether your neighbours receive the data signal of your devolo network depends on your home‘s mains supply network. Power meters and long cables can drastically diminish the signal. To be on the safe side, we recommend encrypting your network using the encryption button on the adapters or the devolo Cockpit software.

  • Can I also use devolo products in power strips?

    In a few cases, power strips - particularly those with integrated switch and surge protection - can impair performance. To attain optimal connections, we recommend using devolo products with integrated (pass-thru) electrical socket and plugging the power strip into the devolo adapter.

  • Are devolo adapters of different speed classes (200, 500, 650, 1200) compatible?

    Yes, devolo products of different speed classes are fully compatible with each other. In a mixed network, each adapter connects to every other adapter at the highest possible speed. It does so independently of the other adapters in the network. In a network consisting of a 200 Mbps adapter and two 500 Mbps adapters, for example, the 200 Mbps adapter will connect to the 500 Mbps adapters at a speed of 200 Mbps. At the same time, the 500 Mbps adapters connect to each other at the full 500 Mbps.The only exception here is old devices with a speed of 14 and 85 Mbps. Unfortunately, these are not compatible with current products.

  • Do devolo adapters work together with HomePlug adapters from different manufacturers?

    All adapters that are certified to the HomePlug standard are compatible and work together. To connect devolo adapters to HomePlug adapters from different manufacturers to form a common network, assign all of the devices the same password.

    Configure the devolo devices as usual:

    • Start dLAN® Cockpit.
    • Enter the security IDs of all dLAN® adapters.
    • Assign the shared network password.

    Now, assign the other HomePlug devices the same password as the dLAN® devices according to the manufacturer‘s instructions.



  • With which operating systems are devolo adapters compatible?

    devolo adapters work independently of operating systems and are compatible with most network devices that transmit data by IP signal. They then act like a long network cable. Only the optional additional software depends on the operating system. We offer devolo software for all current operating systems such as Microsoft Windows ®, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS. Details can be found in the description of the respective product.


Software devolo Cockpit 4.3.3

dLAN® Cockpit is an innovative powerline software for home users. In addition to numerous status displays, such as the connection quality of the individual dLAN® adapters, the intuitively operated program also offers control over encryption and configuration. With targeted tips and other useful.

devolo Cockpit 4.3.3 - Windows

7(32/64), 8(32/64), 10(32/64) - 22 MB - 29.05.2017

devolo Cockpit 4.3.3 - Mac

Version OS X 10.7 - 10.12 - 27 MB - 30.05.2017

devolo Cockpit 4.3.3 - Linux

Ubuntu 14.04 x86, Ubuntu 14.04 x64, Ubuntu 16.04 x86, Ubuntu 16.04 x64 - 33 MB - 30.05.2017

Firmware dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+

Please download this file via the dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ configuration menu. You can find more information on uploading the firmware in the product manual. Alternatively, you can also update your product via the Updates button in the dLAN® Cockpit.

dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ 3.1.0

All operating systems - 7 MB - 29.04.2015

Product Informations dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+

Installation instructions

2 MB, 05.05.2015

Data sheet

2 MB, 06.05.2015


1 MB, 05.05.2015

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