Comfortable and smart: bathroom with strong Wi-Fi


With devolo, you expand your Wi-Fi and forward it to the immediate area of the bathroom. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you. Whether it is the daily podcast and music accompaniment, the use of Smart Home with voice assistance or the cozy series stream in the bathtub: With devolo you are prepared for every situation.

devolo Powerline Adapter Magic 2 WiFi 6 in circles and a green WiFi-Sign

For a smart start of the day


Nobody wants to reach for their smartphone with wet fingers to start their favorite playlist. And especially in the bathroom, where you often have water, creams or shaving foam on your hands, controlling your smart home by using voice commands is very convenient.


Smart AI assistants provide you with information around the clock, support you in planning your day and operating your music playlist when you just have your hands full. 


Alexa provides the perfect background music at an early hour or puts fresh shaving foam in the virtual shopping cart. Or you ask Siri about the weather forecast for the day. Or Google for the current traffic situation at rush hour.


Provided a good Wi-Fi connection, the smart assistants put you on the road to success every day.

For the best entertainment and magic moments


Educational tooth brushing tutorials, exciting streaming content, enchanting radio dramas and crystal-clear music in the bathroom? Wi-Fi with top speed makes it all possible! 


A stable connection to the home network allows you to stream content of any kind smoothly and without interruption. Whether in the shower, in front of the mirror, in the bathtub or whenever it takes a little longer: Let the best entertainment accompany you throughout the day!


With optimal Wi-Fi, even the Netflix stream on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or television does not come to a halt. Here you can watch perfectly sharp 4K content while relaxing in the bathtub with foam and the scent of candles.

For valuable ideas and creative thoughts


It is well known that we get the best ideas in the shower, where smartphones, pens and paper are rather impractical. By integrating your bathroom into the home network, you can use your language assistants and verbally note down your spontaneous ideas.


Audio experiences such as podcasts, audio books and music also broaden your horizon and provide fresh thoughts as well as inspiration.


And if things are getting heated in the home office, staying in the bathroom for a longer period of time will not distract you. Stable Wi-Fi makes for uninterrupted productivity and creativity.

For modern equipment and clever features


The modern bathroom is smart – and strong Wi-Fi coverage opens up numerous possibilities for you. You can design your bathroom to your heart's content and provide it with clever technology that makes your daily life easier.

Smart lighting

Intelligent lamps can be connected to the home network and even controlled via voice commands ("Alexa, please dim the light!"). You can also adjust the color temperature: White light boosts your biorhythm in the morning, warm light lets you relax in the evening.


You can even try a very special atmosphere: Smart LEDs give you the opportunity to immerse your bathroom in a variety of colors. How about a simulated sunrise in the morning?

Ein Badezimmer mit stilvollen LED-Lampen.

Smart mirror

Modern bathroom mirrors with Wi-Fi connection deliver comfortable functions to your bathroom. While being able to display appointments, news and weather forecasts, many smart mirrors even have stylish LED lighting and hidden speakers.


Depending on the model, you can use a variety of apps and for example watch make-up tutorials directly on your mirror. Meanwhile, a heated mirror surface ensures that your reflection does not fog up even after a long shower. This way you are always in focus.

Ein Badezimmer mit großem Smart Mirror, der verschiedene Informationen anzeigt.

Smart speakers

Wi-Fi speakers for bathrooms provide you with your favorite playlists, podcasts and audio books. Provided a stable Wi-Fi connection, you can by request hear what you need to start the day – or to end it fully relaxed.


Smart assistants make it possible and also support you in organizing your daily life while providing you with all kinds of information. Echo Dot, Google Home Mini and other smart speakers allow you to use the internet hands-free in the bathroom.

Ein smarter Lautsprecher steht neben einem Handtuch.

Smart scale

Smart scales are far ahead of their analogue predecessors. In addition to the weight, depending on the model, you can check numerous measured values ​​and keep an eye on them via your smartphone – including but not limited to the body fat percentage and muscle mass.


For particularly health-conscious users, there are even scales that display advanced information such as calorie requirements and heart rate. Changes in the body are recorded over a longer period of time and can be analyzed on the respective companion app.

Eine Waage steht auf gefliestem Badezimmerboden.

Smart sanitary facility

Modern sanitary equipment can be optimally adjusted to individual preferences using smart home technology. Your shower for example heats up to the optimum temperature while you undress. And the bathtub fills in the exact amount of water you need to relax.


Did you know? There are even modern toilets that analyze your urine fully automatically. A clever toilet sends measured values ​​that are directly related to your health via an app to your smartphone or tablet and informs you immediately in case any values ​​deviate from the norm.

Ein Badezimmer mit smartem WC.

Smart styling tools

Pure luxury? Sure. A dispensable gimmick? Maybe – but oh so helpful! Smart styling tools make it easier for you to get ready in front of the mirror every day and help you to always get the best out of your look.


For example, a smart hair dryer offers different user profiles for children and pets, a straightening iron offers personalized suggestions for the best styling temperature and a hair curler has smart sensors for even finer curls without the risk of tangling.

Ein Föhn, eine Haarbürste und ein Handtuch liegen auf einem Tisch.

Smart thermostats

Smart temperature control increases comfort and environmental friendliness. Use a smart thermostat in the bathroom, avoid uncomfortable freezing before or after the shower. Or you can use your smartphone to bring the heating up to the optimum temperature while you are still on your way home.


With an appropriate fitting, you can even adjust your shower and bath temperature to the exact degree. This way you prevent sudden cold and heat shocks when showering and also regulate your energy consumption.

Ein Badezimmer mit Smart-Home-Display an der Wand.

Smart cleaning aid

For a shiny bathroom, rely on intelligent vacuum robots – ideally with a wiping function. These are connected to the home network, drive through the apartment and clean your bathroom floor independently.


Simply send the little household helper to the bathroom via voice command or app control. Depending on the model, you can also determine the amount of water used and regular schedules. This way you can always look forward to a sparkling bathroom floor.

Ein Saug- und Wischroboter auf einem Badezimmerboden.

Smart washing machine

If you use your smart washing machine in the bathroom, you can use modern functions with an appropriate Wi-Fi coverage. You can conveniently start a washing program on the go via your smartphone if you have prepared the laundry accordingly in advance.


Live updates always keep you up to date on the progress of the washing process. Program recommendations, automatic detergent dispensing and other functions make each wash cycle as effective and economical as possible.

Eine Waschmaschine steht im Badezimmer, auf ihr ein Korb mit Wäsche.

Smart TV

Series, movies and livestreams can be enjoyed on a number of devices. But while you might have to hold smartphones, tablets and laptops in your hand (and dangerously close to the bath water), a television can be easily attached to the wall. Here it delivers a large, full picture and the best entertainment for every occasion in the bathroom.


Our tip: For particularly stable 4K streams, connect an Ethernet cable. You do not need a separate network socket for this. Bathrooms close to a devolo adapter can also be connected to the home network via cable.

Ein luxuriöses Badezimmer mit Smart TV an der Wand.
Presentation of the installation of a devolo powerline Adapter in the socket and with the router

For a delightfully easy installation


Whether you want to use a repeater or a powerline solution to strengthen your Wi-Fi: products from devolo are very easy to set up in around 10 minutes. 



The Powerline setup at a glance:

  • Step 1: Attach the Magic adapter next to the router and connect it via cable
  • Step 2: Place additional Powerline adapters in free sockets in the house, for example near the bathroom.
  • Step 3: Set up a Wi-Fi connection via smartphone.

For the best Wi-Fi throughout the house


You don't have to laboriously upgrade your home network to enjoy good Wi-Fi in the bathroom. With the flexible solutions from devolo, you lay the perfect foundation for every application in your daily life – from the cheerful start in the morning to the relaxed conclusion in the evening.


Various solutions are available for this: If the bathroom is on the same floor as your router, a repeater can already help to extend the Wi-Fi in the direction of the bathroom. If this is not the case – or if you want to provide the entire house with fast Wi-Fi – we recommend using the powerful Powerline or Mesh products.


devolo WiFi ac Repeater + and Wi-Fi sign

devolo WiFi Repeater+ ac

  • Amplification of the Wi-Fi signal for adjacent rooms
  • For small- to medium-sized living areas (one floor)
  • For a few parallel users
  • Surfing with up to 1,200 Mbps
  • LAN ports for Ethernet connection




Application example: Passes the Wi-Fi signal from the router to a bathroom on the same floor.



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devolo powerline adapter Magic 2 WiFi 6 in circles and Wi-Fi sign

devolo Magic 2 WiFi 6

  • Extends the router's Wi-Fi signal via powerline and mesh connection
  • Suitable for several rooms, floors and users
  • Wi-Fi speed with up to 1,800 Mbps
  • Efficient, parallel use of data-hungry applications (e.g. 4k streaming)
  • Gigabit-LAN ports for Ethernet connection


Application example: Distribution of the internet signal to the entire house. Perfect when the router and bathroom are located on different floors.



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devolo delivers perfect Wi-Fi for the whole house.


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