Use streaming to immerse yourself in new worlds!

Watch films and TV series, listen to web radio, discover music and podcasts, immerse yourself in new worlds with audiobooks – it’s all just a few clicks away with streaming! This means that the evening’s entertainment can be spontaneous, there is no more need for searching for music in a CD store, the bike can be repaired quickly with the help of tutorials, and relaxing audiobooks make it easy to go to sleep at night.There is only one condition for all the uncomplicated capabilities: The internet connection must work smoothly, and ideally, reception will be available in living areas such as the bedroom or the basement workshop. devolo tells you how effortless streaming can work.

devolo Magic - The magic of Hollywood at your fingertips

Bring the next blockbuster to your living room – in Ultra HD, or even better, with fantastic 8K. devolo Magic gives you what others only dream about – today! Stream the latest films, series, or sporting events in razor-sharp full UHD quality.

  • Enjoy series without interruption
  • Your favourite music is always available
  • Organize hobby and household
  • Audiobooks and podcasts
  • HD-quality streaming

Enjoy series without interruption

Do you know where to find a video store in your town? Forget tiresome due dates and distracting television commercials.Streaming services put your favourite series just a click away.
Various providers bring classics and new films directly to your home. On the television or the tablet, streaming services allow a new form of entertainment – right when you want it.


Do you regularly miss the news at night? Or are you frequently interrupted by phone calls when your favourite series is on?
Many television stations offer current content online. So you can wait to start the news until 8:30 when the kids are asleep, or watch the current episode of a daily soap opera on Sunday morning – all you need is a fast, stable internet connection. Streaming in HD quality requires at least 5 Mbps throughout.

Your favourite music is always available

Listen to any song in the world, wherever and whenever you want. 

Gone are the days when you had to search for the music you wanted in large electronics stores or the record store around the corner. The CD you were looking for was often not available and had to be ordered. And buying the entire album each time because you wanted to hear a single song was also annoying.

Now there are many music services that provide even hard-to-find recordings around the clock. Many broadcasters offer so-call simulcast radios which offer the content being transmitted normally on the radio online as well. Special online-only radio broadcasts enjoy popularity among fans of eclectic music and round off the offerings. Reliable internet is the main thing if you want to make sure your favourite song isn’t garbled.

Organize hobby and household easier than ever before

Video tutorials have made DIY repair of small household items much easier. If your bike tyre is flat or the paint is peeling off the garden shed, you can check to see if there are videos showing you how to make the appropriate repairs. Powerline adapters with WiFi provide you smooth playback of video tutorials even in your garage, basement, or garden.


Did you ever want to understand a complex knitting pattern or play with the idea of learning a musical instrument? Tutorials are also a great way to discover new hobbies. What if you could enjoy the trial lesson in the comfort of your homes using your tablet? Try all the alternatives, and ensure that you have stable internet reception in all the rooms of your home!

Immerse yourself in new worlds with audiobooks and podcasts

There are other ways to enjoy audio content online besides music streaming services. Among the most popular are podcasts and audiobooks. Just take a listen!

A podcast is a kind of audio series with regularly published individual episodes. The topics could not be more diverse: from entertainment and comedy to scientific or political topics to technology to film – everything is covered. Many smartphones come with a pre-installed podcast app; otherwise, such apps can be installed free of charge. 

The situation is similar with audiobooks, which are available not only for download, but also, from many provides, for on-demand direct streaming. The offer is usually available via an app, and many radio providers make their in-house radio play productions available online free of charge.

HD-quality streaming

Transmission rates of 5 Mbps are the prerequisite for streaming HD-quality films and series. Unfortunately, WiFi reception often doesn’t cut it. Its sensitive signals are impaired by walls, furniture, and storey ceilings. The 5 Mbps must be present throughout. If they aren’t, the feed can start buffering or cut out altogether. So the quality lags far behind expectations. This can happen to video offerings from Amazon Prime, too.


devolo  Magic, which is available with or without WiFi, offers a solution to this problem. It uses a building’s existing power lines. Data are transferred not via wireless signals, but via the power grid. devolo adapters have up to three Ethernet connections. This allows you to connect both your television and your game console to the internet. All you need is at least two adapters. 

We recommend a WiFi connection for streaming with these devices:

The wireless network, also called WiFi, is especially suited to connecting network-capable devices that do not have an Ethernet connection. WiFi is also great for transmitting small amounts of data.

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops or notebooks

We recommend a LAN connection for streaming with these devices:

If large amounts of data are transmitted, high data rates are advantageous, which WiFi often does not achieve. Such cases are suited to cable-based transmission. For instance...

  • from network storage
  • to the PC
  • to the smart TV

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