Get your fitness and your Wi-Fi in top shape!

Who needs a fitness studio when you can bring smart workout equipment such as indoor cycling bikes, and even a bike trainer home with you? But if the smart spin bike cannot be connected to the Internet, you'll lose motivation faster than you can say "home gym".


Working out at home

In many flats, the Internet signal from the router loses steam before it even reaches the kitchen. How can you work out online if the home gym is even further away, like in the attic? And what if you want to work out in the garden when the weather is nice?

The solution:

Our devolo Magic high-speed adapters! They turn any power socket into an Internet access point: whether it's stable Wi-Fi, a lightning-fast Ethernet port or mesh Wi-Fi. Take your workout and your Wi-Fi to a new level!

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How do I connect smart workout equipment to the Internet, and what can I do if I have Wi-Fi issues with my spin bike?

Your home gym bike or smart bike trainer requires stable Internet access to smoothly stream online course content and transfer workout data. However, the Wi-Fi signal of the router is often too weak in your workout area and an Ethernet port is also not always in range. This results in the image on your monitor lagging or freezing. devolo Powerline adapters are a hassle-free solution because they turn any power socket into an Internet access point without the need to route cables! A number of suitable Powerline adapters are available, depending on whether you want to connect your device via LAN or Wi-Fi.

Additional tips for your home gym

How should I set up my home gym?

A mat and a laptop are enough to get started! Bodyweight training is great for beginners because no equipment is needed and you can find a plethora of tutorials on YouTube and other platforms. More advanced individuals can use trainer bikes that feature included online training content such as spin courses. These materials explain how to perform exercises properly while giving users an extra motivational boost. The only thing that can stop you is poor Internet reception. Therefore, you should take extra care to make sure you have a good Internet connection. devolo adapters ensure that every device has an optimal connection to the Internet!

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Where should I set up my home gym?

The guest room is too small and your children are racing around in the living room? No problem! Why not convert the attic or garage into a fitness studio? These areas are typically quieter and provide enough space for simple bodyweight training. Even spin bikes have become relatively compact and can be set up there. To ensure your Internet doesn't run out of steam and you can follow the spin instructor, you should ensure that even the more remote rooms, such as the garage, have adequate Internet reception. devolo adaptors bring the Internet to you wherever you need it!

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As a father or mother, how can I find time in my day to work out on a daily basis?

Of course, when you've got children racing around your home, it can be hard to set aside time for yourself to work out. So why not include your children in your exercises? Working out with others boosts motivation and also yields benefits for your children. What do you think of a dance workout to burn off energy? This works particularly well when coupled with songs from a children's music playlist! However, the Internet must also play its part to stream the playlist and get your heart racing. devolo adapters ensure that your music doesn't lag or drop out!

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Smart workout

Smart workout equipment makes workouts exciting.

Outdoor workouts

The sun is shining – why not turn your garden into a gym?

Making workouts fun

Fitness games and balance boards are still popular trends!

The right product for any workout

Thanks to devolo Powerline adapters, we guarantee your Internet will not run out of steam. This ensures that workout videos play smoothly, the workout playlist gets your heart racing and working out with smart equipment is fun!

The high-speed adapters coupled with Powerline technology turn any power socket into an Internet access point. Simply connect the first adapter to the router and set up the other adapters in areas of your choosing. This gives you fast, stable Wi-Fi at speeds of up to 1200 Mbps wherever you need it – in the garden, garage, attic, throughout the home; wherever you want to work out.

Our product recommendations

devolo powerline adapter Magic 2 WiFi next starter kit in circles and wifi wave

Our heavyweight


The Magic 2 WiFi next Starter Kit gives you lightning-fast Wi-Fi in an area up to 120 square metres. In addition, every adapter comes with 2 Ethernet ports that you can use to easily connect game consoles and other stationary devices.

  • Fast: You can experience lightning-fast Wi-Fi at speeds of up to 1200 Mbps
  • Multitasking-capable: Multi-user MIMO technology supplies all your devices with data streams at optimum speeds
  • Expandable: It is easy to expand your home network with add-on adapters

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The magic helper


The Magic 1 WiFi Starter Kit brings Wi-Fi to your home gym. Just plug it into the power socket and you can start your workout. The adapter also features two additional Ethernet ports and a fully functional power socket. Use Wi-Fi on your laptop and charge the device at the same time. It's no problem!

  • Fast: Browse the Internet from anywhere in the home at lightning-fast speeds of 1200 Mbps
  • Flexible: Magic 1 WiFi not only provides your entire home with Wi-Fi – two additional Ethernet ports also guarantee a stable connection for your stationary devices
  • Expandable: Can be expanded at any time by adding add-on adapters from the Magic series

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