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Whether you're playing intense online multiplayer matches or streaming single playercontent from the cloud: Few things are more annoying than a game-changing action being thwarted by noticeable lag. Whether it’s the well-anticipated jump in your favorite jump 'n' run that goes nowhere, or the delayed shot on goal that costs your virtual soccer team the win.

With the right measures, you can improve your ping and noticeably reduce latency in games. This way every daring plan works out fine, and every shot hits its target. And not only that: With the right equipment, you can enjoy future triumphs in the entire living area – wherever and whenever you want. Let's answer the most important questions first!

Ein Ping von 50 Millisekunden, dargestellt auf einem Computerbildschirm.

What is a ping?

The ping is measured in milliseconds (ms) and represents the time it takes for a data packet to be transmitted between the game server and the PC or console. Expressed in a simple way: The lower your ping, the lower the noticeable latency in the game. Your ping can be displayed in most multiplayer games.

What means latency?

Latency is another word for delay. It describes the time between an input and the expected reaction. If the communication with a game server is too slow, the latency increases and you experience delays in your gameplay, which quickly turn online games into a frustrating matter.


Various factors can have an influence on game latency – including the geographic location of the game server. The further away its position, the longer the communication will take. In order to ensure that the game runs as smooth as possible, each player should also have a sufficiently fast and stable internet connection. If the communication with a server doesn't run smoothly, players will stutter and trundle through the game world – an annoyance for everyone involved.

Ein Fußballer rennt mit Ball über den Rasen und zieht eine Spur hinter sich her, die für die Verzögerung im Online-Spiel steht.

What is a good ping speed for online games?


  • 150 to 100 ms: Noticeable delays can be expected in online multiplayer games.
  • 100 to 50 ms: A noticeable disadvantage in the response time can arise in fast games (e.g. first-person shooters).
  • 50 to 20 ms: Smaller lags aside, you should be able to play undisturbed for the most time.
  • Under 20 ms: Your ping is ideal and your game pretty much lag-free.

How to improve your ping

There are numerous factors that can cause a ping to go up – but also appropriate first-aid measures. However, the basis for a decent online latency (in addition to a sufficiently fast Internet connection) is a good Wi-Fi connection at the location where the game is played. With devolo, you can effectively distribute your Wi-Fi throughout the house – and even connect an Ethernet cable in every room for even lower latencies.

Ping too high? Power Up!



With devolo, you can enjoy strong Wi-Fi throughout the living area. Thanks to the flexible Ethernet connection, you can lower your ping down to as low as 10 ms!


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Let's Play! Unlimited gaming, anywhere in the house

With an optimal Wi-Fi- and Ethernet-connection in every room, your entire living area becomes a playground.

Living room

For delay-free online gaming – even if your partner starts to stream shows at the same time. This is Wi-Fi in co-op mode!

Children’s room

It doesn't matter where the children's room is located in the house: the Wi-Fi is available – and accompanies young gamers on their adventures.

Basement and attic

For the optimally networked virtual reality space. Here you can move freely without knocking over furniture and innocent family members.


For cozy gaming sessions on your second TV and relaxed Nintendo Switch-adventures before falling asleep.


For quick smartphone rounds, extended handheld sessions, remote gaming or twitch streams when it takes longer again.


Why not organize a Wi-Fi or LAN party in the garden house? Or multiplayer-battles in the tent? Here camping is expressly permitted!

Equipment, accessories and setup ideas for the perfect gaming room

The right items and Easter Eggs ensure the best technical preconditions and plenty of long-term motivation.

The possibility of playing all throughout the house and on a variety of devices ensures a maximum of flexibility. But if you have the necessary space and want to set up a dreamlike gaming room, you can live it up here to your heart's content.


The following end devices and gaming accessories are indispensable for today's optimally equipped gaming cave.

The core: the PC and the console

In the center of your perfectly equipped gaming room: a fine piece of hardware that makes all your virtual adventures possible. Comparatively inexpensive you can get away with one of the latest consoles. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S deliver decent performance in the lower-budget- segment and conjure up fantastic 4K images on your screen.


If you're willing to dig deeper into your pocket and go without certain console-exclusive games, you can compile a powerful PC. Depending on the price range, there are theoretically no limits to resolutions and frame rates.

Ein Gaming-PC und eine Konsole.

The eye-catchers: Monitor and television

The screen is your window into virtual worlds. Traditionally, PC gamers go for the monitor (ideally with a size between 24 and 27 inches) while console players go for the lavish TV screen. Depending on the setup, this can also be swapped as desired. You can use your PC as a console in the living room or place your console on the desk.


4K and HDR are standards these days. OLED screens ensure extra crisp black values, Ambilight screens are for flashy light shenanigans. Pay attention to low input lag and the response time of the screen – the best optics have no benefit if the image is delayed or displayed with streaks.

Ein Gaming-Zimmer samt Schreibtisch, Stuhl und Monitor.

The sound backdrop: headphones or sound system

With a good pair of headphones virtual adventures don’t just sound fantastic. In competitive online multiplayer games you'll also gain a real advantage by noticing your opponent's footsteps. Headphones are also available with virtual surround sound or even 3D sound. Don't neglect the quality of your microphone though! After all, your playmates must also understand you well.


Of course, you can also use a large sound system. With a powerful bass and real surround sound, your games sounds even more impressive – but also quickly attracts annoyed partners, parents, roommates, neighbors and other terrifying adversaries. Get down!

Ein Gaming-Headset liegt auf einem Tisch.

The full control: Mouse, keyboard and controller

All entry methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Mouse and keyboard allow for more precise actions and more comfortable chat inputs. Controllers however have analog shoulder buttons that allow for more precise throttle control in racing games, for example. But: Today there are also keyboards with analogue keys. And some console gamers actually use mouse and keyboard adapters to give themselves an advantage when playing on the console.


A treat for your gaming room: There are now a lot of gaming accessories with colorful RGB lighting, which – tastefully adjusted – can be a real eye catcher.

Controller, Maus und Tastatur liegen auf einem Schreibtisch.

The gadget arsenal: smart comfort-items

With the right tools and gadgets you aim for maximum comfort. How about a monitor arm? The screen can be adjusted freely and even placed upright if required – very practical when using several screens on your desk. Or how about a mouse bungee, that prevents annoying tension in your mouse cable and makes gaming easier?


A headset holder can also be useful: With it you always have your headphones ready at hand – and depending on the model you can even enjoy the advantages of additional USB ports and RGB lighting.

Gaming-Gadgets und Ausstattung, darunter Controller, Kopfhörer und mehr.

The executive chair: Gaming- or office chair

No virtual trophy is worth ruining your health. In addition to the actual gaming equipment, you should not neglect the furniture. In addition to a large desk with the right (and ideally adjustable) height, a comfortable chair is particularly important.


A lot of money can be invested in dedicated gaming chairs. However, if you don't value a futuristic look, a high quality ergonomic office chair will also work. Depending on your setup, you can also make yourself comfortable on a couch or in a beanbag.

Ein Gaming-Raum mit Schreibtisch und Monitor im Hintergrund und Gaming-Stuhl im Vordergrund.

The decoration: Nanoleafs, merch and more

Mood is half the battle – and the futuristic glow of smart neon lamps underlines the high tech aspirations that your gaming room should aim for. So-called Nanoleafs, for example, are made up of several individual elements, can be attached to the wall according to taste and can be individually configured via Wi-Fi.


The right decoration is essential for streamers who broadcast their games live on the Internet. That can also be 3D lamps, models, posters with motifs from popular games and other merch. Glass showcases in which you can display your favorite gaming memorabilia are also pretty.

Ein Gaming-Zimmer, bestehend aus Schreibtisch, Monitor, PC, Dekoration und Vitrine samt Sammelgegenständen.

The high point: devolo adapter for AAA-Wi-Fi

The modern gaming room is well connected – Online multiplayer, cloud gaming and streaming require a strong internet connection. More and more devices, gadgets and even furniture also offer smart functionality.


The high point – and basis for your perfect gaming room – is a strong and, above all, stable Wi-Fi network including an Ethernet connection. So you are always online and can play lag-free.


devolo is happy to help you with Internet coverage for your entire house and gaming room.

Streaming – from cloud gaming to remote play to Twitch

Whether single player or multiplayer: Streaming is the name of the game.

What is Cloud-Gaming?


With cloud gaming a game does not run on your PC or console, but on the server of the respective cloud service, which streams the game to a device of your choice, such as a laptop or smartphone. The most well-known cloud platforms include PlayStation Now, Xbox Game Pass and GeForce Now.


The huge advantage: With cloud gaming you don't need particularly strong hardware to experience games with a high level of graphical fidelity. The disadvantage: Even more so than traditional online gaming, cloud gaming is prone to latency issues. As a user, you should therefore ensure that you enjoy an optimal Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.

What is Remote Play?


Another type of streaming feature is offered by Sony and Microsoft with Remote Play. The concept is simple: If you own a PlayStation 4 or 5 or Xbox One or Xbox Series console, you have the option of controlling it remotely and streaming a game to a mobile screen via Wi-Fi.


With this you can continue playing when you leave the house. Or – assuming there is an appropriate home network – play in another room. This can be practical when a family member has once again hogged the big TV in the living room.

Icon User

What is Share Play?


Share Play allows you to share the state of play with someone who isn't in the same location. Your acquaintance does not even have to own the game for this. You can share your screen with friends via stream for up to 60 minutes per session, and they can even take control and actively intervene in the game.


This is extremely practical because you can, for example, get help for a tricky game or endboss. Or let your acquaintance try out a game. You can even enjoy it in multiplayer mode. In order for this to work smoothly, a fast internet connection is once again required.

Stream games on Twitch


If you would like to share your virtual adventures with the world, you can do so via video stream. The most popular platform for this is Twitch, an alternative is YouTube.


For smooth streams you need a powerful PC that, in addition to the actual game, can also handle the live transmission via streaming software (such as OBS-Studio). If you want to stream with a console, you need a capture card that picks up the signal.


Whichever scenario you choose, streaming requires a stable internet connection with a high upload speed. An ethernet connection is strongly recommended here.

Quest completed: achieve the high score with devolo!

A young gamer raises his fist in the air in victory. He enjoys the best devolo WiFi and has unlocked the "WiFi miracle" achievement.

Whether on PC or on console, in the dedicated gaming room, the virtual reality dungeon or simply throughout the house; for innovative cloud gaming, stable twitch streams or heated multiplayer games: Trouble-free gaming enjoyment requires an internet connection, which accompanies all your virtual maneuvers and clever moves.


With the ideal solutions from devolo you create the perfect foundation for pure gaming enjoyment. The proven Powerline technology utilizes the already present power lines to send the internet signal to every corner of your home. By boosting your Wi-Fi signal, you can enjoy the best internet anywhere – and even connect Ethernet cables for even better data rates and lower latencies.




Simply choose the right repeater or powerline solution – and dominate the playing field!

devolo WiFi ac Repeater + and Wi-Fi sign

The Casual-Gamer

devolo WiFi Repeater+ ac


  • Extends the router's Wi-Fi signal via mesh connection
  • For small- to medium-sized living areas (one floor)
  • For a few parallel users
  • Surfing with up to 1,200 Mbps
  • LAN ports for Ethernet connection
  • Expandable at any time



For smaller apartments with a few participants and end devices in a limited space.



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devolo powerline adapter Magic 2 WiFi 6 in circles and Wi-Fi sign

The Pro-Gamer

devolo Magic 2 WiFi 6


  • Extends the router's Wi-Fi signal via powerline and mesh connection
  • Suitable for several rooms, floors and users
  • Wi-Fi speed with up to 1,800 Mbps
  • Efficient, parallel use of data-hungry applications (e.g. cloud gaming)
  • Gigabit-LAN ports for Ethernet connection
  • Expandable at any time


For larger apartments and houses, with several participants and end devices.



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Whether for gaming, cooking, streaming, or even in the home office:

devolo delivers perfect Wi-Fi for the whole house.


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