The project

The showcase region of WindNODE includes the transmission service operator 50 hertz network area and provides a real-life laboratory for a complete energy system. The central goal of WindNODE is to set the standard for the networked energy system of the future.


As a pioneer for renewable energy, the WindNODE region already meets the development goals set by the German government for 2025 with renewable energy making up 45% of consumed energy. Some regions have even surpassed the government's goal for 2050 (renewable energy at 80% of power consumption).

With over 70 partners, the consortium is strongly anchored in politics, the economy and society – receiving prominent support from the government leaders in all six participating German federal states.


The WindNODE project wants:

  • to integrate a large amount of renewable electricity into the energy system and at the same time keep the electricity grids stable.
  • to create standardized interfaces.
  • to ensure data protection and security in an increasingly decentralized energy system.

WindNODE is the showcase of the German capital region and north-eastern Germany, in which the energy revolution made in Germany is visibly presented to the national and international public. Innovative, user-oriented products and services from industry 4.0 will be tested here in a large real laboratory in order to mature for the mass market and export.


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devolo’s project contribution

  • Development and deployment of G3-PLC technology and Broadband-PLC
  • Integration of SMGWs and Powerline technology into the distribution network level
  • Creation of concepts to connect the final consumer to intelligent measuring systems
  • Equipping the end consumer with home control products and connection to intelligent measuring systems

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