The project

The joint project "Trusted Blockchains for the open, intelligent energy grid of the future" (tbiEnergy) investigates how block-chain-supported, local energy trading for end consumers can be set up.


The aim of the tbiEnergy project is to show how even micro-producers can trade energy easily and locally. Using the value-added service approach of the smart meter gateway, users can, for example, use block chain technology to market virtual goods and services locally with so-called smart contracts.

  • A simple scenario is the sale of energy from solar cells to the immediate neighbourhood.
  • Much more complex scenarios with energy storage, flexibility such as heat pumps, hot water storage and other market objects are also conceivable.


New block chain solutions must be developed for this purpose, as existing ones are not designed for the special features of the German energy market. The project focuses on a stringent hardware security concept in combination with the smart meter gateway. The use of cryptographic block chain technology in direct combination with hardware-secured IoT devices or smart meter gateways should prevent third parties from influencing the system.


Schematic representation of the block chain for the energy industry

Project structure plan and partners

The project consortium

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