The project

LINCNET stands for 'LiFi-assisted 5G for industrial and medical networks'. As part of the project, 15 partners are researching and developing networking solutions that intelligently combine the currently most advanced data transmission technologies LiFi, Powerline Communication and 5G.


LINCNET contributes to digitalization in the healthcare sector as well as in the industrial environment. It helps to extend Germany's economic lead and strengthen its technological sovereignty. The consortium leader of the project, which has a total volume of more than five million Euros, is devolo AG.

The focus of LINCNET is on data communication via the spectrum of light, a technology that is as innovative as it is highly interesting and whose use in professional environments is being promoted by the project partners. LINCNET will further develop LiFi (Light Fidelity) optical wireless communication in such a way that it can be used in various applications as an alternative to 5G wireless communication.


The link between LiFi and 5G is Powerline Communication, a technology that uses existing cabling for data transmission.

devolo's project contribution


devolo AG is leading the LINCNET project. Its tasks include

  • Organizing regular work meetings on various work packages
  • Coordinating the project participants
  • Contributing its decades of expertise as a market leader in the field of Powerline Communication
  • Integration of project results into the work of international standardization bodies such as ITU-T

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